Cheveux – Atteindre son potentiel d’hydratation maximal en utilisant l’aloe Vera

I love my hair, and what I love above all is my hair well hydrated. Even better: my hair hydrated with a natural method and very cheap. This is what we are going to talk about today how to get the best of hydration using aloe vera. I think this method will be suitable for all small grants, but also for all those who live in areas where they can not find commercially pre-made products suited to their hair.

The benefits of aloe Vera

This plant resists almost everything. The best skin creams and the best poultices to treat scars and other skin diseases are made with aloe vera.

More than twenty minerals, enzymes that promote digestion by allowing the burning of fat, twenty amino acids and finally vitamin B12, A, C E ??? Yes all this in one and the same plant.

No wonder it is drunk, eaten, and used to heal. In ancient Egypt it was nicknamed the plant of immortality.

My grandmother used it on us to treat our sores when we were younger.

Aloe Vera and its virtues for hair

When the aloe gel is extracted, it is more moisturizing and defines the loops as well as a gel found in the trade. Be careful nevertheless to choose one that is natural and with a clean composition. Do not be fooled by some labels.

But Aloe Vera is not used in its gelled form, the pulp of the plant can be used as before shampoo, as leave in conditionner (see HERE the lexicon Nappy) and as a mask.

Aloe Vera will strengthen your hair and moisturize, they will grow better and probably faster.

My mask recipe with aloe vera for hair

My recipe is simple and can be used as a Leave in conditioner as well as a mask. It consists of inexpensive ingredients and it will appeal to all lovers of natural or organic.

The consistency is very liquid so the mixture can slip into a vaporizer and be stored in the fridge a few days. Remember that there is no preservative inside so avoid doing too much.

The recipe: Half a leaf of aloe vera and your favorite Oil.

For my part I chose olive oil because my hair love it.

Mix everything in the blender, and apply to your hair according to the desired method: either before shampoo, mask or leave in conditioner.

Repeat for three months or more, tell me something new.

See you,


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