Women Fashion: Shopping: How to avoid deceptions?

Few years ago, I told you here that shopping was a way to treat myself. Sickness, sorrows, annoyances, stress (that’s an excuse actually but  shh ahahhaah) …. it’s like the act of purchase allows me to relativize everything. As if suddenly, everything falls to place.
Some says it’s  just a placebo effect. It is clear that, for me, it works pretty well. However there are often misses. So how to avoid ending up with pieces that stay in the wardrobe without ever being worn?

A List Of Your Needs You Will Hold.

Over the years, With hit and misses, I have learned that even compulsive shopping can be useful and controlled. Impulsiveness and control in the same sentence, it does not make sense , but it is possible. Just make a list that you will always have on you (I hold mine in my phone and in my diary), so when the urge to buy goes up, a quick glance and I know where to turn my choice. Feeling good while buying something that will really be useful. No regrets!

The Tracking Your Best Friend Will be.

According to the habits of everyone, we often end up going to the same places for shopping. You will hardly change those habits and your favorite brands … except in exceptional cases. It is therefore a matter of taking advantage of this situation and to make the tracking, window shopping, screen shopping, according to your habits: try, test, fill the virtual baskets (real pleasure sometimes by the way) in order to be ready the when the time comes.

Of all the sales conditions you will take knowledge.

If we can try to predict as much as possible, it is difficult or impossible to always do that. There start the troubles. If as me,you are among those who do not exchange and ask for refund, try as much as possible to apply the two tips above. For the others, before purchasing, check the exchanges and refunds policies (not always possible). Trust me sometimes a glance at these policies may be enough to make you second guess. A reality check.

Continuing to heal through shopping while reducing the risk of disappointment is now possible. To you now: pensez, appliquez, modez.

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