30 years old, still not married … – The edict

This is it … my 30th year is about to end. I am not married so I thought this edit was important.

Why this edict?

After the last episode of one of my favorite series, I came across “Real Talk” and the subject of the debate was “over 30 and unmarried”. Opinions diverged of course but above all, I was shocked by this sentence “she needs delivery” which was repeated several times by one of the guests. Thank goodness, I will not go to hell because I am not married and I am convinced that no repulsive spirit of a husband lives in me. What shall I be delivered from?

Another reason, in Skinny Girl In Transit as in Before 30, the mother is quick to do everything possible and imaginable for her daughter to get married. Some of my mother’s phrases that I had never heard before this year make me think, not that she would go so far but in any case that the famous 30 years would sound like an expiry date.

[30 years old, still not married … Article]

la mariée était naturelle coiffure mariée
Bride styled by Mymou

S. 30 years old single and okay with that ...
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Après avoir vadrouillé dans les rues parisiennes je suis de retour en Afrique. Ce qui fait de moi une "Repat" (personne ayant vécu à l'étranger et de retour dans son pays d'origine) ! C'est maintenant à Douala, Lagos et toutes les villes d'Afrique que je vous emmène en balade. Curieuse et un brin aventurière, la nailista que je suis partagera avec vous toutes ses découvertes : les gourmandes, les virtuelles et celles de la "vraie vie".

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