(Français) C aux manettes: Fashion Week: de 1858 à nos jours.

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C. - Rédactrice Mode

Je suis pétrie d'art et de mode depuis plus de 10 ans maintenant ! J'estime que la mode est bien plus que ce qu'elle peut paraître. J'en fais un outil d'acceptation de soi au travers des looks et relookings que je propose sur Le Club des Cotonettes ! Aider les autres à se révéler à travers leur style ? Mon but ultime.

  1. Oh I just love this series! And the lady who makes the braid is my farvoite. What’s interesting to me about haute couture technique is that each House has their own way of doing construction. From the research I’ve done, the business model is the same across every House (because it’s required by French law) but aside from basic construction each House appears to use its own very individual techniques, especially in the finishing stages. Much of the technique you see used at Chanel has been developed by that House over the past 80 years in response to Coco Chanel’s very particular design aesthetic.

    1. Exactly, each House have a complete story, and it’s really interesting: there you can found the techniques as u said. Those and the craftmanship are what they are made of, kind of a DNA.

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