Where do we eat in Malta Gozo?



We went to Malta and especially on the island of Gozo for the birthday of K. This was done quite quickly, I must say: a hotel booked, tickets bought and hop! We are gone for a few days of scenery in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

Malta – Gozo: The Murella Living Hotel


We went to Malta during the low season. There was no crowds on the island of Gozo (so much better) so we did not have a problem finding accommodation. The Murella Living Hotel is a small structure with a friendly and smiling staff.

Murella Living
19/20, Bakery Street,
Marsalforn, Gozo

There is a French in the staff, which made things easier. The rooms are comfortable although small (but that’s inherent to Malta architecture). We struggled a bit to find out how taps work, which has earned us some dances of discomfort in the shower.

Very important (do not like us): If you have to visit Malta, plan an adapter for the electrical outlets. The hotel staff lent us 2 but it was still not enough for 5 adults who planned to take photos all day long and therefore often charge smartphones and cameras.

Malta was not particularly in my bucketlist so I did not particularly wait on this trip except to have a good time with my friends: to walk, rest and eat well. Speaking of eating well, we tested 2 restaurants that I’m going to review.

Malta – Gozo: The restaurant Otters Lounge & Bistro


We tested this restaurant after a day of strolls, gurgling stomachs. The Otters restaurant is located on the banks, really at the edge of the sea water very blue and very clear, which adds a little magic to the moment.

On the menu, there are the products of the day’s catch. Fish fans like us will appreciate. We chose grilled fresh fish, shrimp skewers, mussels. Everything was very good and tasty. There is this taste of fresh produce that awakens the taste buds asleep by the faded cod from the canteen to work. I highly recommend this restaurant.

Otters Lounge & Bistro
St. Mary’s Street
Marsalforn, Gozo


In the restaurant, our waiter was a friendly Nigerian and we had a little chat with him during the service. I note it because we did not meet many blacks during our stay.
Traveler Tip: If you are Black, find out about the level of racism in the city you are going to visit and what to do or not in this context, especially if you are women.

Malta – Gozo: The restaurant Country Terrace


This is the restaurant we chose to celebrate K’s birthday. We were told a lot of good things about it at the hotel and the reviews on the internet are quite laudatory. If you go during the day you can enjoy the terrace overlooking a beautiful view of the harbor. We went at night: we did not have the view but the sound of the sea and the calm of the night were soothing.


Country Terrace
Zewwieqa Street
Mgarr, Gozo

We really were not disappointed with our Country Terrace restaurant experience.The director of the establishment came to serve us. He was very caring, pleasant, professional, accommodating and smiling.
Here too, the products are fresh, the cooking is perfect and the prices are affordable for the proposed quality. For birthdays, you can order a cake in advance. Ours was super good and we enjoyed it even better the next morning. I leave you with a video of our stay wishing you a beautiful week!




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