MakeUp Gloss Bomb Stunna Lip Paint MatteMoiselle Fenty Beauty the Review

stunna lip paint gloss bomb mattemoiselle fenty beauty revue

A few months ago at the exit of the brand Fenty Beauty, in one of my chit chat talk video I told you how much I was waiting for the brand to prove itself. The reason was that for me Rihanna’s signature was the lips. So I did not understand the choice that there is only a gloss and moreover a gloss transparent in its brand of products.

Today Fenty Beauty has added two new products to its range: a lip paint and lipsticks called Mattemoiselle.

Now that the hype around these releases has subsided I will tell you what I thought about these products and whether or not I recommend them.

What I thought about Fenty Beauty’s Gloss Bomb

stunna lip paint gloss bomb mattemoiselle fenty beauty revue

For 17 euros we have a gloss of a fairly good capacity. So you get what you pay for. It feels very good for people like me who tend to eat their gloss can be problematic.

On the lips a layer is enough to have a real brilliant effect. If you want to see your lips on the moon add a second layer. It has a texture that seems moisturizing which is quite surprising for a gloss, so we should look at the compositions.

For example, this winter several times having forgotten my moisturizing stick I found myself using it on my lips and was relieved immediately.

What I regret is the fact that when applying several layers, it tends to leave a slight white band at the corner of the lips. Even if it goes very easily, have a light hand because it is not very pretty to see.

What I thought about Stunna Uncensored Lip Paint from Fenty Beauty

stunna lip paint gloss bomb mattemoiselle fenty beauty revue

It’s probably my biggest disappointment with the brand. Indeed when the Stunna Uncensored Lip Paint was announced on the social networks of the brand, I jumped to the ceiling because finally I knew it would leave us lip products with his signature. What’s more, this bright red that fits everyone? You know I booked my ticket to Fenty Beauty illico.

Unfortunately once in my possession I noticed several big negatives:

the lip paint is extremely liquid. Which makes it extremely volatile. So you end up with product on teeth, fingers and clothes.
The paint stunna uncensored lip paint brush is not practical at all for the application of the product on the lips. I do not recommend it at all to a beginner.
Although the color is really beautiful, and that the outfit is impeccable (yes despite the fact that you leave everywhere it hangs very well on the lips) the formulation of this product leaves something to be desired. Invest your euros at your own risk and you will have been warned. Speaking about money it cost 22,95 euros.

What I thought about Mattemoiselle Lipstick from Fenty Beauty

stunna lip paint gloss bomb mattemoiselle fenty beauty revue

Several weeks ago Fenty Beauty announced the release of its matte lipsticks with names that made me laugh as they are representative of Rihanna’s personality: PMS, Ma’damn, Midnight wasabi, Saucee and other names all more teasing and a little borderline. Rihanna as we all know is little bit provocative.

Fourteen shades were released ranging from plums to mauves through orange lilac and blue and they are sold 17,95 euros each.

If not all colors will suit everyone, the texture of these lipsticks is a subject that is important to linger over. Indeed Fenty offers lipsticks masts and that do not absolutely dry lips.

The application is easy the lipstick literally slides on the lips even when they are dry. The rendering is mast without being completely extinguished. On some very dark shades there is still a little “light”.

I have for myself cracked on three shades which I think are the universal shades for dark black skins like mine: Ma’damn, Griselda and PMS.

The outfit is impeccable I do a retouch after my lunch break at work and I’m quiet, the texture being soft edits are easily done just to apply again no need to remove his mouth completely.

Do I recommend Mattemoiselle matte lipsticks ? Yes, clearly. Without the packaging that I find very childish (the entire range looks like that) these lipsticks are really top. I can not wait to see how the color palette will grow in the years to come.

Here I come to the end of this review if you want to see my application of lipsticks on video here it is:

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