DIY – The Advent Calendar to cheer Your Mood UP

Reading Lyd’s latest article here about the club, I just started crying. Not that the article is sad, but I do not like the month of December. I already explained to you why. Only I decided to heal myself. The reasons for my desire to change are simple I would like to have children one day and I would like to be able to share with them this effervescence before Christmas. Exactly as my mother knew how to transmit it to me. So today I literally pump one of ideas Lyd proposed in his article and I propose a DIY advent calendar anti depression and special boost.

The principle of advent calendar anti depresses.

This is about making an advent calendar (it’s a calendar that we open every day to discover a surprise) based on Lyd’s idea of ​​having sweet words. I’m going to add a treat every day, just because by reading the sweet word, I want to be able to enjoy the possible and as I love chocolate and candies nothing better than a little moment of complete pleasure.

It goes without saying that you can reproduce this idea, which you can even make for friends, or for your lover and you trade your calendars. Do not you feel like reading your darling’s love words all month long?

Having myself had this brilliant idea that a few days ago, my advent calendar will be short and in “10 Days till christmas” or “10 days until Christmas” mode. But of course you can do it in advance (next year) and make one that will last well throughout the period.

What is needed to achieve this advent calendar anti depression

calendrier de l'avent anti déprimeThe principle being to have words of his loved ones to read every day, I requisitioned the help of people who are most dear to me. I selected the dates from “December 10 to 24” and I made them choose each one of the numbers. They had to write me a word each.

C. undertook to give me the words that I added to my calendar.

For this DIY I looked at pinterest you know as I am a source of constant inspiration and I came across a very simple idea and very easy to do.

I bought my material for my DIY mainly at HEMA and the rest of the things I had already. The hanger comes from Ikea.

How to realize this advent calendar anti depression?

Here is video very simple DIY and how to achieve this calendar. Know that advent calendar ideas are numerous. I chose one that I liked visually May especially that was simple because lazy one day ….

calendrier de l'avent anti déprimeHere you only have to enjoy, and you feast words of your friends / loves. For my part after reading each of these words I will stick them in my BUJO never to lose them and read them again and again.

I wish you all to take full advantage of this period, and for those who like me have trouble but heals … one step after another we will succeed.

I kiss you ,


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