Beauty- Soon to be thirty how to care for my skin and my face at night?

I started the last year before my “Dirty Thirty”, before the big 30 YO before my 30th birthday. And as you know, I have always wanted to take special care of my skin. Before, as I told you HERE or here I focused primarily on the treatment of spots and pimples because I was prone to acne, today comes to add the dimension preserve my beauty potential. To do this, beyond the type of products, there are the gestures that make up the beauty routine. Today I will focus on my evening care routine as it is essential if you want your skin to shine at its maximum. We will talk later about my routine during the day.

Food is essential to have a beautiful skin

I can not say it enough but your skin, your complexion is first and foremost what you eat. I was talking about healthy and healthy food here as the easiest way to eat fruits and vegetables.
I consume the maximum of fruits and vegetables and fill up on vitamins. My skin is radiant and I do not complain.

Choose properly  your facial product line.

The choice of care products is important. It is necessary to know its type of skin and to choose its products consequently. Although I’m in my early thirties, I still have mixed and sensitive skin that is ready to make pimples at the slightest annoyance and of course during the bad period of the month.
I am therefore looking for products that will treat any pimples, which will tame my skin as much as possible and in addition that will nourish my face properly. I am also looking for a gel to wash the face and a gentle scrub.

The make-up remove routine at night is mandatory

It is imperative if you want to have a beautiful skin to have a complete face routine, and more gestures that you perform in the morning will not necessarily be the same in the evening. Since I do more makeup than a few years ago, I will never sleep without washing my face.

prendre soin de sa peau quand on est bientot trentenaire
Cleansing Gum and Nourishing the skin of my face at night have become my leitmotiv. Because the skin needs to oxygenate itself.
If for the evening I do not have a favorite mask, a natural solution that I love is the application of natural aloe vera gel to the skin. Try, you will say thank you.

prendre soin de sa peau quand on est bientot trentenaire
If I’m not yet fighting wrinkles, although I already have my wrinkle expression well marked, I put big on the regeneration of the skin. So it’s been a month now that I religiously use Estee Lauder‘s Advanced Night Repair serum every night, which you can buy HERE.

serum advanced night repair estee lauder revue review

It is not given, but you will not regret a single drop of this elixir coming to nourish every cell of the skin.
Finally, here is video my special face routine for future thirty.

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