Self-love and Mirror test

Last week, we were talking with friends in one of the many whatsapp groups I’m part of and the topic revolved around our vision of our body. Some have released the photos “success-of-time-past” of this more or less distant time where they were beautiful, carefree and especially … thin. After the inventory, the resolutions on the sport, the salad-without-sauce diet and motivation rocket from everywhere. Each gave his methodology to lose X kilos and promised to restart the process.
And then THE question has arrived:
“When you were trying to stay slim, were you happy?”

I found it very interesting and I share with you some thoughts about self-love and the mirror test.



The standards of others do not automatically apply to you.

The more time passes and the more I realize that it is useless to ostrich and live in a bubble of illusions and this in different areas. Regarding the way we apprehend our body, it’s about being honest, objective and accepting that there are small mourning to do: no you no longer have the flexibility of your 16 years, yes stretch marks have settled on your hips and thighs, yes your little hag makes resistance despite your diet “0% of everything”.
Women’s magazines have understood our little insecurities and exploit them as soon as the first rays of spring point (see the famous Californian surfer body beach ready). Do not get caught up in a drastic diet for the wrong reasons.




Make peace with your body

I think we should be lenient with ourselves. The body of a woman is transformed throughout her life and these transformations do not always correspond to our aesthetic ideal. The key for me is not to put unhealthy pressure on me and to silence that voice that drives me to self-deprecate.
Last Saturday, I gave myself some time for myself: shower, body scrub, lotion veil, some pshit of perfume, I was crispy. I then proceeded to test the mirror: I looked at myself, naked, without artifice other than my waistbeads from Weya Beads, without tumming and I loved myself, as I am, with my beads and my stretch marks. I thanked my body for bringing me here and for doing my best to support the blows of life. There are things to readjust here and there and it will come. There are also nice assets and I do not intend to hide them.

Once in peace in his head and in his body, every kilo lost is a bonus.
Put yourself to the sport if you need it, try to eat healthy, set achievable goals and know that you are beautiful and strong even if you have to say goodbye to your size 36 ZARA jeans. And if you need to adapt your wardrobe to your morphology, you will find all the advice of C. de Leen in our Fashion section.



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