MakeUP – Nude skin effect makeup by Isabelle Boireau and a holiday look

The holiday season is approaching and of course the race to find our looks ( clothing and makeup), gifts for family and friends has started. The Club des Cotonettes went to meet a makeUp artist whose specialty is the makeup effect bare skin. And guess what? She even offered us a party look that we fell in love with.

Who Isabelle Boireau the makeUp artist behind The makeup effect bare skin?

maquillage effet peau nue par isabelle boireau

Isabelle Boireau is not an unknown. If you were addict to YouTube between 2009 and 2015 you probably knew her under the pseudonym of Isateuf. This holder of an MBA passionate about makeup and devout believer shared there is still little with us his makeup tutorials.
Then there was talk of making a choice, that of becoming professional. So neither one nor two she did not hesitate and dropped everything to invest in his training to follow the courses of the best and come back in version 2.0 with a more precision and incision to his art. From it was born the makeup effect bare skin.
Isabelle tells us

“The bare skin effect was a step in my personal approach of appropriating my style as makeUP artist. “

maquillage effet peau nue par isabelle boireau
As one of her idols Sam fine isabelle is aware that in her way of working the material she did not have the heavy hand, but that the lighter and more subtle looks were the ones she did best.

Nude skin effect makeup for women looking for simplicity

“The everyday woman wants a makeup that looks like her, a make-up or she does not need to be transformed every day. “

It is with these words that Isabelle introduces us to her ideal client. When asked who his art is for, Isabelle has a very specific idea of ​​it. A woman who wants a makeup that looks like him with a touch of pop even for major ceremonies.

maquillage effet peau nue par isabelle boireau
Isabelle Boireau make up brides, women for special occasions and also recently celebrities for their appearances on TV sets with always her personal touch a makeup whose rendering gives the perfect illusion of a perfect bare skin.

A holiday look special effect bare skin

So we tried to see Isabelle practicing her art. And what better than on one of the Cotonettes? C. has obviously volunteered (she did not have the choice in fact I was on a photo mission and Lyd on a speaking mission ).

maquillage effet peau nue par isabelle boireau

The reality is that among all of us C. is the one who wears makeup the least . Aside from her eyebrows, and a little highlight, she wears neither powder nor foundation. She reacts very quickly when she is made to wear makeup. It was therefore the perfect guinea pig to test the talent of Isabelle.

maquillage effet peau nue par isabelle boireau
The choice of products is essential for a light rendering and bare skin effect. Without revealing her manufacturing secrets, Isabelle shared with us her favorite moisturizing product. The cream without which she never starts makeup is none other than this beautiful product from Khiels.

maquillage effet peau nue par isabelle boireau
She worked the complexion of C. After hydrated and offered us this beautiful glittery look that you figure well …. C. absolutely did not want to remove at all.
C. was thrilled and finally thinks she has found the ideal makeup artist for her who loves light looks.

maquillage effet peau nue par isabelle boireau
You can find Isabelle Boireau on instagram, on the site and soon on her own website which should be launched by the beginning of the year.
Thank you Isabelle for this beautiful afternoon.

Kisses, Mymou

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