Mode Femme: Comment Porter Le Kaki En Automne?


Although I hate winter, autumn allows smooth passage. In autumn, the weather is still sunny enough so we can afford to have fun by mixing summer and winter clothes: smooth transition. You know I like to test, to try things … To resume I hate to be bored and take myself seriously when it comes to fashion.

If there is a color that comes back each fall is next to beige and camel, it is dark green / khaki / military green, which will also return in spring. This is the color of the transition. This is a color that takes different dimensions depending on the associations you make. So, how to make your look more fashionable?


To brighter Colors you shall associate


For this look I chose a wide pleated pants, a trendy cut this season. it’s simple I like everything: the material, the fit, the color: that pant is perfect. I associated it with a soft pull of the same color. But like any item chosen by Zara, the risk is to walk through several people who wear the same clothes. So in order to make the look original, I chose an orange organza jacket.



This jacket is just perfect for to make a casual look, a sharp look. The color is reminiscent of the summer colors and this oversized effect conferred by the fabric and puffed sleeves make it an exceptional piece.

Fashionnable accessories you shall choose

At the jacket I decided to add braided leather mules, a quilted bag and vintage glasses from La petite touche glamour .



Fashion accessories specifically chosen in black to create a unit. I hear you from here “it is necessary to mismatch the accessories because wearing accessories of the same color is a faux pas !!!!” …. then, between the khaki and the orange of the jacket, I would not have been able to allow other colors in the accessories (maximum three totally different colors for a look) at the risk of looking disguised. Consistency first and foremost.


Your turn to create your fall look and remember: pensez, appliquez, modez.

C. - Rédactrice Mode

Je suis pétrie d'art et de mode depuis plus de 10 ans maintenant ! J'estime que la mode est bien plus que ce qu'elle peut paraître. J'en fais un outil d'acceptation de soi au travers des looks et relookings que je propose sur Le Club des Cotonettes ! Aider les autres à se révéler à travers leur style ? Mon but ultime.

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