Hairstyle – Five Protective Hairstyle Ideas with Kinky Clip Extensions

extensions à clips crépus cinq coiffure protectrices

I did not think the day would where I could wear clip extensions with a frizzy /kinky / natural texture. If you’re my generation, you’ve necessarily worn pink, blond and other clips to add color to your hair when you were younger (and probably had relaxed hair). And guess what if they existed only in straight texture by that time, they are now available in a frizzy / kinky version for our greatest happiness to us women with frizzy hair. Here are some reasons why you should consider to try kinky clip-ins and five protective hairstyling ideas that can be made even by the less talented ones.

Clip-in extensions the easy way for lazy people

extensions à clips crépus cinq coiffure protectricesSince I came back to natural I am unable to wear a weave. The idea of not having access to my scalp literally prevents me from wearing it. I wear only wigs and I remove them at night when I go home. The majority of natural women are in the same case as me, clip extensions will quickly become your best friends. They are easy to install and just as easy to remove. Just literally put the comb in your hair and clip it. And you are good to go.

Frizzy/ kinky clip-in extensions for multiple uses

extensions à clips crépus cinq coiffure protectricesWhether you just want to add length to your hair, or want to add volume, or you want to completely cover all your hair, you can literally make all kinds of hairstyles with these clip-in extensions.

The ones I wear come from NATURAL HAIR FACTORY, are natural, so I have to wash and maintain them like my hair but good news is I can color and discolor them. I have  chosen them as long as possible (18 to 20 inches and 22 inches), but after seeing those of C. who wears them in 16 inches I now want the shorter version.

With a single package I just bring length and a little volume to my hair.

With two packs of clips I can hide almost all my hair and have my hair as huge as one of my hair idols Diana Ross.

extensions à clips crépus cinq coiffure protectrices

Five Protective Hairstyle Ideas to do With kinky Clip-ins


And finally here are five protective hairstyles that are simple to make. Hairstyles for the lazy and yet stylish hairstyles as possible.

And you ? Did you give in to kinky clip_ins ? If not, then do not hesitate a single second anmore.



extensions à clips crépus cinq coiffure protectrices

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