Beauty – Permanent hair removal solution on Dark skin let’s talk about the electrolysis method

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I already talked about it here or there, since March 2017 I have been on a permanent hair removal treatment called electrolysis. Despite my previous video on the subject, there are many questions that come back so in this article I will explain what exactly electrolysis is, I will tell you if electrolysis is a definitive method of hair removal, tell you how long  it takes to be permanent  and i will focus on the budget how much it costs.

What exactly is hair removal using electrolysis?

it is a method of hair removal developed to answer the problem of skins that could not stand the laser such as: blond hair on white skin or black hair on black skin.

Electrolysis involves the injection of a slight electric shock to the root of the hair, then the withdrawal of the latter without pulling (because the hair falls all alone) with a clamp.

Hair being removed one by one, an electrolysis session can last between thirty minutes to two hours depending on the amount of hair on the area to be treated. For the duration of two hours, this is the maximum package offered by the beauty center that I go to.

Is hair removal by electrolysis painful?
I’m not sensitive at all , so I’m not the best person to evaluate pain’s level. So my answer will be no, it is not painful. Yet, it’s not pleasant because you receive several discharges and sometimes in the same place – when like me you have very deep and recalcitrant hair.

If you are sensitive, the beautician or the dermatologist who practices electrolysis on you can offer you an anesthetic cream. For my part I did all my sessions without it.

On the other hand, if I can give you some advice, it will be to NEVER practice electrolysis hair removal when you have your period. In these moments your nerve endings are ultra sensitive and therefore the sensations are increased , you will really suffer. I always try to fix my appointments outside the range of time where i have my periods. But sometimes … since this science is not an exact one it happens that I’m wrong.

Are the results of hair removal by electrolysis definitive?

Unlike the laser, whose effects last in principle only ten years, electrolysis hair removal is indeed supposed to be final.

How many sessions of electrolysis hair removal does it take to get an optimal result?

Unlike the Laser where the average time is usually ten sessions, electrolysis requires an average of two years with one session every four to six weeks.

it is not recommanded to go beyond six weeks because at this point the regrowth of the hair is already in another phase and therefore the hair removal process starts again from the beginning.

How much does electrolysis hair removal cost?

When I used to perform my sessions at a dermatologist, I paid around 40 euros for one appointment which are not reimbursed by social security.

Now I do my sessions in a beauty center and I pay  45 euros for thirty minutes and 90 euros for forty-five minutes.

Yes it is definetly not cheap, but everything has a price.

Does permanent hair removal by electrolysis work ?

It worked  so damn well on me, that I have almost no hair on my face anymore except one rebel that still grows on my chin. so I started another area of ​​the body that is a sensitive area.

What are the contraindications related to electrolysis hair removal?

I did not specifically ask that question either to the beauticians or to the dermatologist; And they did’nt ask muche except to know three things:

  • have you done a hormonal assessment: to make sure that the problem is not more serious than it seems
  • do you have a cardiac equipment: pacemaker or other
  • are you pregnant ?

Since i belonged to none of these categories, I have always been able to perform my electrolysis sessions. If you have special health conditions, I recommand you contact a doctor or a beauty professional to know more about the contraindications.

I hope  I have answered as many of your questions as possible,

see you later


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