Mode Femme: C de Leen X June: les créateurs Afro à petits prix, la jupe portefeuille L’Aviye à l’essai


 As I told you here a few weeks ago, I were looking for afro designers who offered low-priced items. Thanks to networks I found  few pieces here and there and June shot theThe brand Aviye I did not know so far, is the second I decided to test. I must admit the price range is quite high but  the brand often offers promotions. Among the promotional pieces I cracked on a wrap skirt for its color. I had not tried the pieces before and had some surprises.

The items I bought weren’t lined, and the sizing is different. Indeed, the brand size a little small (I advise you to take a size above your real size). However, I was pleasantly surprised by the research in the cuts. the pieces are fashionable and change from what you can see everywhere. The choice of fabrics is also interesting.

 How to style L’aviye skirt?

Because it’s all about fun when it comes to fashion, I decided to associate that skirt with fashionable pieces: a brown silk top and a pair of croco-style sandals, all decorated with discreet accessories.

This skirt is quite indented, too, I advise you to make a point to not find yourself in unpleasant situations.

 If you are more classic and that by choosing this skirt you went for a “strong” piece, I advise you to associate it with basic pieces like  white t-shirt or a t-shirt of one of the colors of the skirt.

My take on the L’aviye skirt

 Beside the sizing, which is not really an issue since it is different from one brand to another, I was really disappointed by the absence of lining. If you consider the prices without any commercial operation, it’s the least you can do.

To me it’s all about the details and it was obvious the finishing wasn’t meticulous. Sad, given the quality in the  shapes.

We will soon talk again about this brand, in the meantime remember: pensez, appliquez, modez. 






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