Where to get your hair done in Paris: Afrikan Cut

I turned 30 a few weeks ago. And if you’ve been following me for a while, you know I love my birthday and nothing can stop me from celebrating it.


I wanted some change to mark the coup, and the last hairdresser in Paris that I spoke to you about here was unavailable, I had to find another solution. The opportunity to discover a new address in Paris that I can share with you if everything went well.


Let’s discver the hairdresser Afrikan Cut in Paris

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It is from you my subscribers and readers that I sought advice. Especially those who follow me on Instagram (my username @mymoudemoha). After asking you to suggest me your favorite addresses, two names were regularly mentioned. So I looked at both candidates and it turns out that one is nothing but the trainer of the second. My choice was nonetheless Afrikan cut for the following reasons which I concede are totally subjective.

Afrikan Cut or the social media master.

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I will not deny it, it reassures me to be able to check on the Instagram account of a professional and see what she is able to achieve as benefits.

That, Afrikan Cut has it under control, numerous of her hairstyles are presented. Either in photos or in video or in stories on her Instagram account. So you clearly know what she can do as a cut.

Her availability moved me in a world where some people barely answer to of their subscribers comments .

Once my choice made, I did not wait and immediately started to bombarded her with questions. At no time was she annoyed (if so – which I will understand because I am a particularly boring customer – she did not show it). I wrote her a first time telling her that I wanted to cut my hair and that I knew exactly what I wanted as a cut. The exchange was courteous, I sent her a picture of the desired cut and a picture of my current hair. She replied that it was feasible and directed me towards the service to choose when making my reservation and I knew the exact amount of money that I will have to pay.

Later we talked a lot more, between me who wanted to confirm the address (it is yet well marked on the Instagram account), I who wanted to know what way of payment were accepted etc … Each of my questions has always found an answer in less than 2 hours. So I put a 10/10 on the customer service skill. BRAVO!

Afrikan Cut professional to the end of her scissors

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The problem with Instagram hairdressers / vendors is usually the fact that getting an appointment can be chaotic. Between the lack of process for the so called appointments, the failure to respect schedules of said appointments. The lack of response when you call the numbers displayed I could continue endlessly.

At Afrikan Cut it is not the case. The appointment is clear and is done on the internet thanks to appbeautyflex. Slots and other advances to confirm appointments are clearly announced on the site. The confirmation of your appointment schedule is sent to you by mail, so you can add it to your calendar.

I arrived just five minutes before the time of my appointment, mistakenly thinking that I will have time to buy something to eat.. Nay, I was immediately received and she immediately started doing my hair. The fact that my appointment was in the morning probably helps, the delays often accumulate throughout the day.

The Afrikan cut salon space is large, spacious and bright, the place is easy to find and you are welcomed with a smile. An afrobeats playlist in the background, you just have to let yourself be pampered. A little picture before and after your appointment and I think everyone is satisfied.

I was .

short straight bob on natural hair texture release carré court lisse sur cheveux crépus

Afrikan Cut hair salon: the address

24 allée du commerce à Créteil


do not hesitate to go there you will not be disappointed. DISCLAIMER They do NOT receive without an appointment.

See you,



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