Woman Fashion: Night Out by June Machia

A few months ago I introduced June, with whom I had the opportunity to collaborate during a trip to Cameroon. Last December, I returned home and I obviously could not go without organizing a shooting. This time we tried different looks in different places. You know me well enough now to know that I like challenges, so I entrusted him with the artistic direction: imagine having to decide the location of the shooting, the type of makeup, the attitude of the model … everything except the outfit. A challenge that he met hands down. Let’s start with a late night in the tropics.


It’s all about the point of vue

You surely have notice that sequins and glitters have made a comeback in our dressings. From day and night, impossible to escape. So I chose this dress on purpose with only one idea in mind: make a special and original look from a piece seen everywhere. Generally this is the artistic direction. I have to admit, it was always difficult for me to let this part to another person, from the moment I see a garment, I already have specifics ideas. Yet this time, I entrusted June with this task and, once again, he understood my expectations and even went beyond. I could not hide my astonishment when he offered me: the return from a night out by the rising sun.

This moment when the sun rises and when we do not really know what time it is. This moment we come back from a party, impatient to go back home while taking our time so that our outfit is seen from the maximum of people.

It’s all bout the light

I wish I could describe how we did this session but not sure to be able to restore the complexity of a creative mind at work. Imagine, while I was looking for the perfect place to stick to the theme (when you are a control freak), I heard “it’s all about the light, even here will be enough”, and that’s how an ordinary house, certainly pretty of my neighborhood became a decor that reminded me of “Melrose Place”. Magic.

What a spirit !!!!!!! I can not wait to show you the rest.

In the meantime do not forget: pensez, appliquez, modez.

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