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With Lyd, we had fun last December. She served me as a doll and she was challenged to reproduce an evening makeup look that I made on her. Following this article Begginers Friendly makeUP for Hollydays XXXXXXX, you asked us for more beginner content and also more makeup at a low price. As promised this is a point we take very seriously and in the days to come you will get your money’s worth.


In the meantime I propose to make a makeup every day. this exercise will allow me to situate the level of each in order to best meet your requests.


Everyday Simple MakeUP: my list of products

maquillage simple de tous les jours sur peaux noires idéal pour les débutantes


When it comes to my skin, I absolutely do not neglect the care or makeup that I apply. I have skin that reacts quickly so I have to pay attention to the quality of my makeup. i am ready to invest particular amounts of foundation and other products, to be able to find quality products at a low price i do not say no.


SInce a little while now the new add on  Phoenix from the Ultimate Shadow Palette by NYX   was calling me, I love orange-red hues on my dark skin especially that soon the good weather will be back. These shades are my allies flamboyance, so I cracked and bought the palette. The latter is quite pigmented, although the makeup is drier than I expected. No worries to work dry, not too much residue, however next time I moisten the makeup for a creamier.


I chose to use my  Dior backstage Foundation , et my  Clinique Superblanced foudation to hide my imperfections ( here the hair that have grown back in between two sessions of electrical hair removal) .


As brushes, i used a set of brushes bought on Amazon long time ago and they are still in perfect shape. Unfortunately the brand does not seem to exist anymore. A flat brush to apply the foundation under the eyebrow redrawn, a foundation brush to spread the foundation material and work to hide imperfections.


For my eyebrows my Hema pencil , the Climax mascara by Nars that I have already spoken of to you several times to give volume to my eyelashes.


Uncuffed one of the new colors from Fenty beauty Lip Stain on my lips contoured with a brown pencil from Kiko.


And finally a subtle highlight applied with my fingers from the  Born to Glow palette from NYX.


Everyday Simple MakeUP: the tutorial


Here on video how I realize my beauty.



Everyday Simple MakeUP: the secret on how to make it last all day 

maquillage simple de tous les jours sur peaux noires idéal pour les débutantes


Everything is played in your translucent powder. If you have combination to oily skin, exit the mists and other bases that come very often to weigh down your skin and smother it a little more.


Catch a loose setting powder, apply it to your skin just after hydration and before the foundation. Yes you read me well: in that order. Be generous on areas that tend to shine: Forehead, nasal stop and chin.


Yall will let me know what you think on this tip.


I hope you enjoyed this first beginner tutorial. I invite you to comment on the Youtube channel to tell me what you managed to achieve or not. We will be able to realize a whole make-up module stages by stages.

See you soon ,




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