Valentine Day – Quick and effective beauty routine for a busy working girl



maquillage de saint valentin rapide efficace tenue longue durée pour une working girl occupée

Hello Cotonettes, I can not say it enough, if there is indeed a party that I strive to always honor it is Valentine’s Day. And I do not need to be in a relationship to do so.

With my friends, alone or with a lover, I take advantage of this date to remember how much I am surrounded by love. Few words sent to loved ones, a bouquet of flowers to myself, a dinner … I take full advantage of the day.

Last year and previous years, with C we tried as a duo to give you guys suggestions for Valentine’s Day. This year we will not miss the good old habits … Marroniers when you hold us.


Quick and effective beauty routine for a busy working girl: Makeup


maquillage de saint valentin rapide efficace tenue longue durée pour une working girl occupée

This year the scenario is clear: I work, you work without doubts as well. Unlike previous years, I will not have time to go home make me beautiful. I will have to be makeup and combed in the morning, spend the whole day with said makeup and be fresh and dapper for my evening program.

Here is the video beauty setting that I chose to achieve:


In my bag, I do not have much room to take a complete makeup kit. That’s why I’ll be wearing makeup in the morning. I must therefore use quality products that allow my beauty to be at least 10 hours. Knowing that I work in open space and my complexion is subject to ambient air conditioning and heating that in my current business literally vary from one meeting room to another, so I will take only: my translucent powder, a brush , my lip liner and my gloss. These products will allow me to perform my editing after eating lunch, and the evening before my appointment.

Product references used for this beauty:

Fondation: Too Faced Peach fondation couleur Mahogany

Fondation: Clinique super balanced couleur Silk Sable

Contouring: Match Stix fenty beauty by Rihanna ne couleur Expresso

Highlight: Match Stix Fenty Beauty by Rihanna en couleur Sinamon

Eyebrow pencil: Hema

Eyeliner: Loreal liquid Gold Eyeliner

Eyes Palette Naked Heat Urban Decay

Lips pencil: Kiko

Gloss: Maybelline Vivid Hot Laquer


Quick and effective beauty for a busy working girl: the hairstyle


maquillage de saint valentin rapide efficace tenue longue durée pour une working girl occupée

I offered you over the years many hairstyles to make for the holidays, for Valentine’s Day and just like that to feel pretty. But I had never proposed anything on braids.

Once is not custom, I will give up my traditional bun and my traditional free braids, I will make here a pretty crown to frame my face.

The hairstyle is pretty and simple. She is sober enough to go to work, when one works in a place with the strict dress code, it is necessary to take this point into account; and pretty enough for a sexy dinner in the evening.

Tomorrow the article of C. in the fashion section will be available, to know what looks she has concocted for this young working girl active I invite you to stay connected.

I wish you an excellent Valentine’s Day, that love overwhelms you in this day.






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