Démêler ses Cheveux Naturels Crépus: Quels Outils à notre Disposition en France ?

brosse à cheveux demeler ses cheveux les outils disponibles en france denman tangle teezer carzy pouss

brosse à cheveux demeler ses cheveux les outils disponibles en france denman tangle teezer carzy pouss

I am natural since 2007 and before me in France, there were already several women who were. So we’ll say that it’s been fifteen years since the frizzy hair and the Nappy movement have imposed themselves in France. However, the most essential point to know the demellisation of frizzy hair is it easier?

At the time of my return to frizzy hair, there was not much in the stores for my hair type. To buy the right products and the right accessories, it was necessary to turn to our American cousins. Those who had the opportunity to travel easily to England also benefited from shopping in the famous Camden.

The arrival hierarchy of news in the world of “nappy” has always been clear: the US has always been the leader, the UK followed and France has always been good last. The proof ECO styler gel actually arrived in France only five years ago and barely sold in a few shops. Fifteen years later, however, it is necessary to give credit to our dear metropolis or, in any case, to Paris and Ile-de-France because I do not think that in the province things have really changed.

Today in Île-de-France, Carrefour and Auchan have departments dedicated to our natural hair. If it has become a little easier to find good products for the care of our hair, what about detangling tools?

In 2019, here are the styling tools that you are sure to find in France without having to turn to foreign countries (for my Cotonettes de Province, if the subject interests you, I will make you a directory of French sites on which you can get your products without paying exorbitant shipping costs):

The round Brush

outils demeler cheveux crepus

For less than two euros, this tool which I have already spoken to you several times is / has always been present in France. As far as I remember, there are everywhere. At the exotic grocer’s corner, in the shops specialized in the capillary etc … It does not cost much, detangles the hair really smoothly.

On the other hand its lifespan is limited, as soon as you notice a break on the peaks, or a crack in the brush: throw it away immediately on pain of causing you forks in the hair.

The Denman Brush

brosse à cheveux demeler ses cheveux les outils disponibles en france denman tangle teezer carzy pouss

To this day it is probably always my favorite tool. The Denman brush also comes from the USA. It was soon available in France, but only in the boutiques of hairdressers and other wholesalers. And that very few people knew it.

The Denman brush costs between 9 and 15 euros depending on the brand in which you buy it. It has the advantage of being disassembled, to remove the rows of picot to adapt the brush to the density of your hair. The finer your hair, the more rows of pimples you can remove.

This brush not only detangles the hair but also define the loops and in addition to helping blow dry. She is perfect. If you only had one detangling tool that would be the denman brush.

In terms of strength, I have my DENMAN brush for over 8 years now and it is still nickel. It is worth its price.

The crazy pouss brush

brosse à cheveux demeler ses cheveux les outils disponibles en france denman tangle teezer carzy pouss

I received this brush as a gift in a box, or in a lot that I received during an event. I do not remember which one, besides, my little sister stung it to me.

If the brush is very effective and can disentangle smoothly, I can not comment on the life of the latter because it is less than a year that I use it.

It costs about 11 euros according to the signs and is sold in all the specialized shops.

Plus: the fact that it has a handle makes it easy to use.

The least: I do not give expensive the strength of the pimples, but hey I’ll return later because I received another.

La Tangle Teezer

brosse à cheveux demeler ses cheveux les outils disponibles en france denman tangle teezer carzy pouss

Did you know that this brush is inspired by a brush for dogs at the base?

The teezer tangle was another huge hit in the nappy world, especially because it seemed to be a more modern version of the round brush. AND that with its pretty pastel colors it pleased the little ones and the big ones (e) s. Now available in all specialty shops in Paris, its price varies between 9 and 11 euros depending on the brand.

It untangles the hair well and is very soft, nevertheless I do not recommend it / more. Due to its small rounded shape and the lack of a handle, it tends to slip, you escape hands and explode against the ground. When it happens to you once or twice, you laugh at it. Until the day it really falls and opens in two. (we will remember the mourning of my taze teezer on instagram is not it?).

Here we are girls in 2019 a review on the various tools to help you unravel your available hair and find easily in Ile de France and Paris. For the provincials, as I said if you are interested in a complete guide to e-shopping websites report. Know that I did not mention here the Afro comb, because it is a classic.

See you,


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