Woman Fashion: How to wear the dress in winter

From the first days at the arrival of autumn, we release skirts or clothing with light materials  to the bottom of the closet in favor of more covering clothes. Sweaters, scarves, jackets and coats, the more we are covered, the better.  The first pieces to be the object of this rejection are the dresses, for obvious reasons. However, it is quite possible to wear a dress when it’s cold without dying 😉 How?

You shall choose the good material

As I keep repeating, the style starts with the materials. A garment even cut to perfection and adapted to your silhouette, will never fall to place. For this reason but also because the season does not leave much room to chance, it is necessary to wisely choose the material of the dresses you will wear in winter. Silk for example is a thermo-regulating material: it keeps the heat in comfort.

Natural fibers of animal origin as wool and cashmere are the most effective to keep you warm. There are to be preferred as materials for your dresses. Be careful however to check the lining and try. These are materials that tend to scratch. 

The layering, the art of the superposition you will master

For those who do not want to invest in new dresses or who have not done yet, it is possible to wear your summer dresses if associated with warm adapted pieces . As for the legs just wear tights. For the top, nothing more simple, just use the layering

If your dress have details such as a collar, you just have to slip a light-sleeved crew neck sweater. If your dress is unbuttoned, a big V-neck sweater or turtleneck will do the trick. Be careful however to the colors, the more printed is your dress, the more you will have to pay attention to the color of your sweater.

The associations adapted to your morphology you will do

When you have curves for example, the superposition of some materials can accentuate those curves in a disgraceful way and unbalance the silhouette. Your sweater are a great alternative. Big or small mesh, mini or maxi, accessorized with a belt or not, it’s simple they will always be a great option.

It’s your turn now: remember: pensez, appliquez, modez.

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