Beauty DIY – You won’t believe this excellent body scrubs cost less than a dollar

You will never believe that this excellent skin scrub will cost you very little money. Today we are going to make one of the best scrub for your skin for nothing at all. It can be used both on the face, on the body and in addition it is a DIY with ingredients already available in your kitchen.

gommage pour la peau au café recette diy fait maison

The little story behind this cheap scrub for the skin

For some years now, Chouchou has been talking about her home-made coffee scrub on social media, and has been showing off photos of her skin and melanin On Fluuk. If indeed she can rely on soft water given the place where she lives, it turns out that her secret weapon is indeed this coffee scrub.

For having repeatedly used the coffee scrub sold a little less than ten euros at Sephora, I can confirm that there is nothing better than coffee to smooth the skin. I have used it for months on my legs and armpits before my hair removal and after. My skin is more than soft after my coffee scrub sessions.

DIY The coffee scrub recipe

Having seen many recipes for coffee scrub several times I wondered when I wanted to use it on my face (the only place on my body with super sensitive and reactive skin) if it was not better to do it myself. The approach here is to be able to control the maximum ingredients included in my homemade coffee scrub.

gommage pour la peau au café recette diy fait maison

So I chose to use ingredients that my skin loves to make my scrub. Sweet almond oil, exactly the same that I use to remove my makeup, coconut oil for sweetness and fragrance and pure Cameroonian coffee. I use this scrub on my whole body as well as on my face. I am being carefull to use very soft motions on the face. I only use it once a week.

gommage pour la peau au café recette diy fait maison

How to make a homemade coffee scrub ?

At first select your coffee, I use a variety of Cameroonian coffee so the grains were grounded at the Brulerie Moderne of Bonapriso in Douala, Cameroon. I then consume my coffee, I use natural bamboo fiber filters. Then I remove the filter from the coffee maker and leave the coffee grounds to dry on open air for some day. Once the coffee is dry, I mix it with the oils and stock my mixture in a closed container.

gommage pour la peau au café recette diy fait maison

I hope you enjoyed this recipe,

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