The matter of shampoo when wearing natural frizzy hair is never easy. Indeed, difficult not to loose yourself in the jungle of recommendations. The first warning that any self-respecting nappy will give you is “absolutely avoid sulphates”. Subsequently, scientific studies, marketing and other propaganda helping, to the list were added silicones, parabens, mineral oils etc.

When asked: “Have you found the ideal shampoo? If so what is it?”, to about fifty women wearing their frizzy natural hair, few will be able to answer you with a franc a yes and / or with a clear reference.

Having just yet myself found that perfect shampoo,  that I now recommend to all women around me (I have also brought bottles in my suitcases for my friends and my sister here in Cameroon ), I told myself that it was time to discuss this subject with you my Cotonettes, to ask your opinion because among your recommendations, Cotonettes who have not yet been able to find their happiness may find it.

What to avoid in a shampoo ?

Whether you wear your hair in a free afro or in locks, the maxim that recommends to the natural women to avoid sulfates is TRUE. Sulphates are stripping substances. If they are indeed excellent for deep cleaning, they come to dry our hair that is not already very naturally hydrated.

Locked people should therefore be very careful because even if you want to completely clean your scalp and your locks, shampoos much too stripping will be a risk in the long run. They are therefore usually not used more than once a month.

What I prefer in a shampoo ?

For my part, it is clear that I am a fan of moisturizing and detangling shampoos. I told you, I’m a lazy girl, if I can do without the step after-shampoo, I do it willingly.

How do I know that a shampoo suits me? I can make sure of that at two stages on the day of care. The first step is during the use of the shampoo, if I feel my hair become dry as straw, I instantly know that the latter does not suit me.

The second step is at the end of my care, while I am busy putting conditioning on my hair. Generally my hair is cut into portions and the time I reach the last section, it has already dried. If my hair is shrinked and ultra-rough, I know that the shampoo has been far too astringent for my hair. They will ask me twice as much hydration during the week.

Shampoo is not for everyone

It can happen that even after ten years of naturalness, you still have not found the rare pearl and that’s normal. Shampoo is not necessarily for everyone: that’s why Co Wash was invented. Mademoiselle S., for example, not having found the right shampoo so far, swears by the cowash of the brand Les secrets de Loly.

Our suggestions of shampoo on the cotton club

C. is totally a fan of Shea Moisture’s Hibiscus Shampoo

L. since she is locked swears by the Honey Creme Moisture retention of Design essentials

I am an ultra fan of

and the Cotonettes then? After a small survey on the instagram accounts of the Club of Cotonettes and my personal account, here is a summary of the answers obtained.

Hoping that this article and these suggestions will help you in your choice of shampoo.

See you soon,


Mymou - Rédactrice Beauté

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