Woman fashion: how to choose your small heels shoes?

“Last year the sales percentage of women’s sneakers jumped by 37%, while that of heels dropped by 11%”

If the success of sneakers does not surprise me, I am quite surprised by the decline in the sale of heels. Maybe it’s because of my personal taste. Still, the heels are less sold and more surprising, still within this family of products, the “small” heels make a remarkable breakthrough and represent a significant share of that range of products. Brands are not mistaken and expand their offer of shoes with small heels. Far from the old and nerdy models, there is now for all tastes: choice: classic, trendy … But then how to choose the right pair of shoes with small heels?

The shape adapted to your silhouette you will choose.

More than shoes with high heels, when choosing shoes with small heels (less than 5 centimeters), you have to pay attention to the shape of the shoes. Indeed, the heel not being high, if the shoe is too sharp in the front for example, they will make your feet look big, especially if you are small.

If you’re not used to wearing heeled shoes and still want to try it, even at small heels, the stiletto heels will not be the right alternative for a start. Start with platform shoes.

I can not finish without mentioning the curve of the shoes. Above everything, this is the only thing that must determine your choices of shoes. Try, test, retry, it’s only how you will find the perfect height for you.

Quality is obviously to be taken into account; a low heel is not enough to be comfortable.

The selection.

  I leave you with a selection of shoes for this season. Remember: pensez, appliquez, modez.

photo prise ici


photo prise ici


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