Exhibit: Super-Normal II at the Sakura Art Gallery

When I saw the Sakura Art Gallery Super-Normal II exhibition, a Mickey Mouse sitting quietly in his apartment, certainly after a hard day’s work, I found it very interesting to have a another perspective of these comic characters that fascinate us.

Superheroes of young and old

I have never been a superhero since childhood, having grown up surrounded by boys who were fans of it. I do not know why it never interested me, I was rather Scrooge and Mickey Mouse. And then I fell completely in love with Iron Man thanks to Robert Downey Jr.’s acting game. That’s how I made my entry into the world of Marvel, which releases at least one film every year (especially since the repurchase by Disney).

All the characters Disney / Marvel / DC Comics are indeed part of the pop culture, do not displease the condescending fans of the first hour. The heroes of our childhood comics have now come to life and continue to enchant us as adults.




Super-Normal Super Heroes

Once out of the movie theater, we, poor mortals, find our daily life without really asking what looks like that of our favorite fictional characters. The title of the exhibition “Super-Normal II” challenges and the content of the exhibition answers many questions, the main one: what do they do when they are not busy saving the planet?

The expo takes place on two levels and brings together several artists who have, in their own way, portrayed the characters in their contradictions and their humanity. How does Superwoman choose her outfit every day? Darth Vader goes to the bathroom? Who does the repair of the fields of post-fight ruins? What is certain is that some works will break the myths of your childhood, you are warned. It is an exhibition to be done ideally for many more laughs and discussions on each piece.




The piece that I liked the most is the “Walking Shadow Heroine” Jason Ratliff showing a girl with a cape whose shadow is projected a super-heroine, cape wind: “Girl, you can do it”


Agenda of the expo

Super-Normal Exhibition II
21, rue du Bourg Tibourg – 75004 Paris
From March 15, 2018 to June 9, 2018
Free admission




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