Beauty – I will treat my skin during 30 days with Biolissime products

Hello Cotonettes,
few times ago, I presented to you in this article my thirty years old face beauty routine. I told you about my face care at night, how I treat and soothe my skin before going to sleep.
Today I am back with another article about skincare, because my routine during the day, will be strict over the next thirty days. I force myself to use only Biolissime products to best prepare my skin for the summer sun.

Biolissime my ultimate beauty partner

beauté routine biolissime skynoxycaps gel sérum matifiant unifiant velouté

I told you about Biolisime several times already. If there is one brand that helped me fight my late acne it’s Biolissime. Today, although a pimple still appears from time to time here and there, I do not really have skin problems anymore. I still have some spots to clear and I still have to find a way to close the pores of my T zone. But,  my skin is perfect, at least compared to what it used to look like few years ago.

What I want in this month of challenge, is to fade away the little black spots i still have on, and to have a even complexion. So here is my choice in terms of products to achieve it.

Biolissime Skinoxy Caps for skin radiance

beauté routine biolissime skynoxycaps gel sérum matifiant unifiant velouté

it is after seeing this little new product of the brand that I told myself that I will launch this new challenge. In fact, Biolissime Skinoxycaps for skin radiance, are supposed to help fight stains from the inside, bring radiance to the skin. A cure, to be effective must last 60 days.

it’s good, I have my 60 capsules (more in fact because I have two boxes of capsules). I say to myself that after 30 days, which is half of the journey, one should be able to note the difference right ? I will come back to you on this point on a regular basis.

The fluide solaire SPF 50+ for the radiance of my complexion.

My personal fight is the spots and the eveness of my complexion. So, although I love exposing myself to the sun, I will protect my face with a total screen. Especially since I undergo electrolysis every month. So I am banned from the sun by my dermatologist.

I’m a fan of the solar fluid Biolissime I’ve used for a few years now, actually since its release. It is thick, covers the skin of my face, my neck and my shoulders well. But, the big advantages that make me love it is the fact that it does not grayen the complexion, the fact that it is matifying so it’s perfect for my combination of oily skin, and in addition the fact that it leaves me a particular glow on the skin.

I wear it all alone, when I’m not wearing makeup, and as a makeup base after applying the mattifying serum when I want to wear makeup. It is my official companion for all sunny days past and future.

The exfoliating tonic, mattifying moisturizing serum, cleansing gel, and the velvety softness of Biolissime

So my compagnons during these three months are going to be, the exfoliating tonic, which will allow me to remove the dead skin on my face and thus force the regeneration of cells / fading of dark spots.

the mattifying moisturizing serum that will allow me to nourish my skin by keeping my T zone as matte as possible.

The cleansing gel that I will use to replace my usual black soap morning and evening to wash my face with a soft  product.

beauté routine biolissime skynoxycaps gel sérum matifiant unifiant velouté

And velvety to moisturize the skin of my body. I have a small problem on this later product, which although it perfectly moisturizes my skin and feels super good, leaves me a glittery effect on the skin that is noticeable when I go to work. Attention Biolissime, it’s time to make a slightly less pearly version.

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