Woman Fashion: All in shape: trying Zara large sizes


First a top, then a pair of jeans, a tunic … discreetly, without big announcements, that’s how the large sizes arrived at Zara
Was it related to the growing number of critics or petitions (the Anna Riera’s one had collected thousands of signatures in a very short time)? We’ll never know. Still, the Spanish giant has not failed his reputation and was quite responsive.
If the beginnings were shy; indeed, it was difficult to find more than a dozen references. You were luckier on the internet. Today items are more and more numerous and easy to find in stores.
It was enough to convince me to test. I admit that I started with big a priori. I already told you here about the difficulty of finding “fashion” clothing for women with curves. Lucy having agreed to play the doll with me, it only remained to find clothes.

The offer

I have voluntarily decided not to track the application and go directly to a store.
First surprise: the large size clothes were not gathered in a corner of the store. Indeed, a special line has not been created. I do not know about you but I have never really appreciated this separation or those “special lines”. Especially when you realize that, in most cases, you lose style, details … under the banner large sizes, we often find the same formless cuts with details that do not necessarily highlight the silhouette.
At Zara, the references you will find in large sizes are the same as the others. Thus, there is no risk that clothes lack shape or style.

Second surprise: the sizes. Sometimes under cover of large sizes, we end up with clothes that are actually smaller than it seems. Needless to say, I was stressing a little when I brought the clothes. I was only relieved when Lucy came back to tell me that the clothes fit her well, except for a stretch-less jeans that were actually the larger in size.

The result

Looking for a spring look, I flashed on this long striped tunic in shimmering colors with large slits on the sides and a slim pair of jeans with a sporty stripe on the side.

I paired it with Lucy’s nude heels sandals and a New Look jeans jacket.


Lucy, who had also heard about Zara’s big-size clothes without daring to try, probably out of fear of being disappointed, was conquered just like me.

And have you already tested? Do not forget: pensez, appliquez, modez!

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