Hairstyles – Styling your hair in less than ten minutes on lazy days

comment coiffer ses cheveux en dix minutes les jours de flemme

Rescheduling your shampoo day, can be problematic. Especially when you want to go out for a walk and there is no way you can hurry your haircare day. So in these moments I always endu up doing ultra simple hairstyles  that makes my life easy, stay with me cause they are cute.

The turban the best friend of easy hairstyles

I already told you about my little collection of scarves and turbans. These accessories that can be stylish without effort. If you do not know how to tie a scarf , there are turbans taht are already done. I really invite you to read this article because you have beautiful addresses in there.

Today, the one turban I am going to use is a scarf acquired a few years ago at Ayawa Hairstyle. A green color not too flashy, but colorful enough to give some peps to any outfit.

The Kinky Clip ins the easiest extensions to use to style your hair

My clip in kinky from The Natural HAir Factory? I told you already about it, and I talked and talked and talked about it aloready. I have already shown you not one or two but five quick and easy ways to style with clips in kinky.

comment coiffer ses cheveux en dix minutes les jours de flemme
And guess what? Even today we will use them. To bring the Funky touch to our hairstyle. This will be the sixth hairstyle simple and fast with kinky clips in.

How to do my lazy hairtyle ?

Armed with your fingers, less than ten minutes, your scarf or turban and your kinky clips, here is a video how to make this pretty hairstyle.

Accessorise it as much as possible: earrings, make-up on fleek, for a colorful look.

I hope you have enjoyed the hairstyle.
Xoxo, Mymou

Mymou - Rédactrice Beauté

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