Hair – the basics to achieve a perfect twist out

In 2018, it is unbearable to me to read again on  social medias  or in comment section of my youtube channel, the eternal question of how to obtain curls when the people don’t know their hair type. It is unbearable for me to see girls using all their coins, in curling products and other unecessary stuffs to achieve wash and go when their natural hair texture can not achieve the said wash and go.

As a reminder of what a wash and go is, on what type of hair texture can achieve it or not I welcome  you to read my articles HERE or HERE .

To be clearer, if your will is to have a curly hairstyle on your head and you have hair like this:

de gauche à droite: 4A , 4B, 4C

the wash and go is NOT your friend. It will never be your friend.

So you can turn yourself to curly hairstyles on stretched hair using a curl wand or any other tool, if you’re not afraid to use heat on your hair.

If you prefer to avoid using heat in your hair, you should then try a braid out or twist out. These two work just fine on any type of hair. Provided once again to respect certain conditions.

My personal preference goes to the twist out. Indeed, a twist is easy to make and just as easy to remove. On the other hand, three-strands braids are easy to make, but you need to be more vigilant when they are undone to avoid breaking the curl pattern. I also prefer the appearance of a curl obtained using a twist to the one obtained using braids.
In the rest of this article I will only talk about twist out, however the method is also valid for braid out.

How to prepare your hair to make a twist out?

To achieve this type of hairstyle, preparation is the key. You must absolutely ask yourself several questions like:

  • What is my hair type?
  • Is my hair thin or thick?
  • Does my hair shrink quickly or not?
  • Does my hair take a long time to dry and if so how long?
  • What kind of products should I use according to my nature / my hair type?
twist out parfait sur cheveux de type 4B 4C
Mes Vanilles réalisées et portées 5J

I have fine hair and I want to achieve a twist out

I will prefer mixing a styling spray  with a leavin conditioner rather than using a curling cream. Because the curly cream may be too heavy for my hair and I will find myself quickly with oily and sticky hair during the week. I will then realize my twist on each portion saturated with products.

I have thick hair and I want to achieve a twist out

I will make sure my hair is perfectly hydrated and saturated with products. A fixer spray lined with a leave in conditioner and a curly cream will allow me to make the perfect twist.

I have very porous hair and I want to achieve a twist out

People with very high porosity (Read HERE this story of hair porosity) and people living in a tropical or very humid area should use gel. This one will allow them to better hold their twist out. Indeed, the gel will prevent moisture from penetrating quickly into the hair. The disadvantage of this method is the appearance a bit “crunchy” that will have the hair if you put too much gel.

La gamme Almond & Avocado de Design essentials contient des produits pour tous les types de cheveux
La gamme Almond & Avocado de Design essentials contient des produits pour tous les types de cheveux // The Design Essentials Almond and Avocado has a specific products for each type of hair.

How can I make sure that i achieve a beautiful twist out ?

To make sure that my twist out is beautiful, two additional criteria must be taken into account.

twist out parfait sur cheveux de type 4B 4C

How long do I have to let my twist in to make a twist out?

the exposure time of the twist is extremely important. And the more your hair is textured: type 4A, 4B and 4C, the longer it will be necessary to let your twist in your hair. Once again you can use a heat to speed things up (this is done in most salons). However, if you prefer to let your hair dry in a natural way, it is essential that they be perfectly dry.

I recommend to wear your twist in for a minimum of two days to be sure that the folds of the curls are taken perfectly.

How should I take out my twist to be sure that my twist out is beautiful?

twist out parfait sur cheveux de type 4B 4C

How to take out my twist will depend on the look of my twist out. Indeed you should not rewet the hair  before taking your twists out. Slightly moistened your hands and hair with an oil that will bring shine, or a brilliantine spray. Then, separate each portion respecting the natural separations of the hair.

But the best is still to show it to you so, here is the video I made with the products from the  Design Essentials brand. The Almond and Avocado range which contains products adapted to each texture to achieve a twist out.

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