Valentine’s Day: For the sake of good taste with LaFourchette

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Valentine’s Day is ahead of us and, as usual, we will have 3 teams:

The cynical team: “yes but it’s a commercial party, no need for a particular day to prove our love”. Between us, many of those who claim it are not always demonstrative the other days of the year, but good, either.

The indifferent team: “It’s a day like any other, I did not expect anything special, besides there is the PSG match on TV”. I will not even comment on the sabotage organized every year by FIFA.

The big game team: “this year, I’m going to surprise her”. My favorite. She who takes every opportunity to have a good time that day, whether between friends or between lovers.

If like me, you are part of the last team, this article is for you. This year, you’re not going to get caught up in procrastination, and you’re going to tie up a good program to re-seduce your Valentine or have a good time with your friends.

3 Points to spend a good Valentine’s Day

The mood

This involves trying as much as possible to install a good atmosphere in the days before February 14th. Of course if there are problems to be solved, we will do it but in all benevolence (this applies for all the rest of the year of course). If your partner / friend has tenacious rancor, it is indeed better to prepare the ground before going out on February 14th.

The Gift

I leave you carte blanche because you know better than me your partner / friend. It is not the price of the gift that really matters but the value that is given.

The place

Either you prefer to stay at home and make an intimate evening with darling (hoping it will not be in front of the game) and in this case, I refer women to this article by C. de Leen to be incandescent.

Either you plan to make a restaurant and in this case, it is better to book in advance (you will not say that I did not warn you). If you like good deals, consider doing it via LaFourchette. For those who do not yet know the principle, I explain everything to you quickly.


LaFourchette: The smart reflex for your February 14th

LaFourchette is the first online booking platform for restaurants in
Europe. It brings together more than 40,000 restaurants in 11 countries in Europe including 12,000 restaurants in France

The service allows you to:
– easily find a restaurant
– check availability in real time or for a date
– book a table in seconds and instantly receive a 24-hour booking confirmation.

You can filter your search by geographic area, type of cuisine and your price range.
The real good plan is that by reserving via the website or the LaFourchette app, you can benefit from discounts that can go up to 50%.
Admit that it’s worth it, especially if you plan on going to an upscale restaurant.

Contest Game LaFourchette x The Club of the Cotonettes

Because you are a little our valentines (e) s, the Club des cotonettes wishes to please you by proposing you to win a lot worth €2400 TTC with LaFourchette which launches a contest for Valentine’s Day: 1 year for any reservation made before February 11th for the February 14th dinner, on the LaFourchette app or on

Contest dates are from January 23 to Sunday, February 11 inclusive, and the draw date is February 16, 2018.

Terms and conditions: During 12 months of restaurant (until February 16, 2019 inclusive) LaFourchette offers a value of € 200 incl. VAT per month to be won for any reservation made for the February 14 dinner, on the LaFourchette app or on the website among one of the partner restaurants LaFourchette and bookable online only.

Our restaurant selection with LaFourchette

I propose a selection of 3 partner restaurants LaFourchette:

The Maimika
10 Rue Lambert 75018 Paris

club-des-cotonettes_lafourchette_restaurant_Le Maimika

The setting is nice and nice. The menu offers Cameroonian, Senegalese and Ivorian specialties. Vegetarians can also order without having to argue a long time because the restaurant offers a vegetarian version of its dishes.

The Creole
122 Boulevard du Montparnasse 75014 Paris

club-des-cotonettes_lafourchette_restaurant_La Creole

Are you rather fierce avocado, stuffed crab or rougail sausage? You’ll be spoiled for choice at La Creole. An invitation to travel with the flavors that warm the heart. The portions are generous and the setting is nice.

The Pietro
28, rue Jean Mermoz 75008 Paris


Wine connoisseurs know that Italian recipes are simple but always take away “hummm” of pleasure. This is the experience that awaits you at Pietro which offers good value for money: price. The welcome is warm and chic.

I wish you a beautiful Valentine’s Day!


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