Women fashion: the perfect look for valentine day

Valentine’s Day !!!!
This year the competition is big. Indeed two major events take place that day: the release of Black Panthers and the champion’s league match of Real Madrid / PSG.
Hard to have all the attention of the loved (s) one (s). Well yes Valentine’s Day is for the lovers, so you can have decided to spend the evening with the special one, friends, family …. in any case, it will take efforts not to be eclipsed.
You know that failure is not an option here. How to shine brightly this evening of Valentine’s Day? Nothing’s easier! Follow me.

A timeless look with the sexy touch for an evening out at the restaurant.

If like Mymou you decided to kill the game and put out your best assets on display. Not too much. The proportions you remember?
Since we decided to go for a deep « décoletté », we had to “calm” the rest. The choice went therefore naturally to the suit.


A timeless piece of men’s wardrobe, with good accessories, can be a weapon of mass destruction.


The red tailor, the perfect hairstyle ànd the perfect make up (Mymou talks about it here in his get ready with me), and everything is ready for an evening at the restaurant to celebrate friend love. Unless you are diverted on the way to the door as you will be dazzling.


Lydvina will give you here some tips to find the right restaurant for this special evening.

Sexy to death for a celebration  at home.

In competition with the match so that you find yourself forced to spend the evening at home? It’s alright. Once the details settled (dinner, table ….), take time to prepare. Dare: You do not go out after all. The sexy satin dress (yes we wear it out so it does not risk anything ), or the sexy dress, subtle glowy makeup and voila. In your third half, if you get there. Yes there are replay, so it’s possible to watch the match after. Do not say that I told you about that. I’ll deny .


Valentine’s day set!!!


On your way to cinema: your chance to shine.

The world premiere of the film has set the tone. Also you can quietly go to see the movie and dress without risking being too much. Around the world, dress codes are multiplying to see this movie. Mymou was talking about the film here, so you will  understand.
As often, in situations where it’s all about shining, the accessories will do the job.


Vlisco and co


Go this Valentine’s Day will be yours and remember: Pensez, appliquez, modez.


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