Woman Fashion: Look with a velvet dress

Velvet: wether you like it or hate it.
It’s simple this fabric does not leave anyone indifferent. “It looks like a pajama”, “did you just came out rocking your curtains? “… the kind of things you’ve problably already heard, if like me, you’re a fan of velvet.
However, I couldn’t help it: wide pants, blazer… this season I bought everything. Everything including a dress. Yes! a dress. Despite my almost repulsion for dresses, I had no doubt, worse I literally fell in love. The color, the cut, that hint of I do not know what …. I was literally in awe.
Yet it was not that easy given my history with the dresses. Materials, cuts … it has always been hard to find a dress suiting me in the perfect fabric. So I stopped looking and that velvet one came shake everything up.

Velvet: A Luxurious  Material.

This material is one of those that are soft and warm. Formerly used for King’s outfits. Indeed, it has always been considered “luxurious” as its confection required time and a particular technique for finishing. Don’t we say that time is money?
Velvet has become popular since then, and we now find it from catwalk shows to our favorite stores.
If there are several types of velvet, the most commonly used for clothing is the velvet weft, silk or cotton. Perfect alliance of robustness and softness.
We obtain a material that caresses the curves, marries them. Exit the unsightly folds, the fall of the fabric guarantees you the perfect outfit.

How to Wear A Velvet Dress?

You know that I live for originality when it comes to fashion. Yet this time nay! Purposely, while my sneakers were watching me, I decided to stick to the classic. Well … as much as possible.
Given the fact that I almost never put on dresses, I had to “try”. A pair of over the knee boots, for the consistency of materials (especially to avoid the classic combo dress sandals or pumps), a classic coat brought the Italian way and a romantic beauty look and that was it.

And you, will you let yourself be tempted by velvet?
Remember: pensez, appliquez, modez.

C. - Rédactrice Mode

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