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COIFFURE - Un rendez vous pour la saint Valentin

COIFFURE – Un rendez vous pour la saint Valentin

Since the time you know us girls from Le Club des Cotonettes, you know that Valentine’s Day is one of the dates we never miss. Whether we are singles or in relationships, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for our group of friends to tell each other how much we appreciate the qualities of each but also embrace each flaws from one another. Basically we remind ourselves how much we love each other and that … believe me is priceless.
This year as the year before C. And I decided to shower you guys with a little collaboration.

look coiffure maquillage siant valention 2018

The idea behind this look for Valentine’s Day 2018

We realized with the girls (I’m sure you too) that this year the classic Valentine’s Day was in a damn competition indeed the same day as C. (Great PSG Fan) explained it to you here, there is a soccer game and not just anyone, For all those whose lovers are soccer fans …. oust the traditional meal.
There is also as I told you here the official release of Black Panther at the cinema this same Wednesday (ATTENTION PLEASE: I partnered up with Brown sugar days to make you win until tonight 20h, 3 pass to see the premiere Saturday, February 10).

For film lovers … you will probably have a date related to this movie, a black Panther date is it not cute?
With all that in mind,  C and I thought of a sexy look but not too much that could fit in any of these occasions.

saint valentin 2018 maquillage et coiffure

How to make this hairstyle that can go everywhere?

You will need your hair and extensions. Here once again i used the kinky clips-ins from The Natural Hair Factory I told you about here. Gel, elastic and a bristle brush are the only accessories you’ll need.
Here is the video on how to realize this  hairstyle:

What makeup look to wear on for Valentine’s Day 2018?

You can’t do too much. Avoid wearing too much foundation especially if you do not know how you will spend the evening.
Like me, prefer  fresh makeup and good-looking effect, and as usual rely on your main asset: your mouth.
Carmine red or plum? Choose the color that compliments you the most. It is a question of tormenting a little the loved one and arouse desire so do not hesitate.
I worked on my complexion with Fenty Beauty foundation and illuminated it with the Clinique one. A touch of highlight with the “poudre sublime” of black up and that’s it!

On my mouth I opted for an intense and dense plum and that leaves a velvety finish on your lips it is Griselda from Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle lipstick my favorite shade of this entire collection.

And here I am ready to go and you are too.

Excellent Valentine’s Day my Cotonettes, I wish you wherever you are and whatever you decide to do on this day, to have a great time. by yourself, with friends or with your love. <3

See you soon.

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