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Vision board, Motivation et Discipline

Vision board, Motivation et Discipline

Congratulations! 2018 is here and you too! The time of confetti and champagne bubbles (or Champomy according to your choice) is behind. It’s time to (re) list the resolutions.

Some of whom I was part of are not followers of the resolutions and laugh cynically on the “New Year New Me” that is used to read here and there in these times of calendar renewal. It’s a way of seeing things. It’s still true that everyone has goals, dreams, a vision to achieve before reaching the twilight of his life, whether we want to call them “resolutions” or not.

In my previous article, I told you about finishing the year in style. Today, I wanted to approach the notion of discipline, and especially to differentiate it from that of motivation. Understanding this difference allows me to better manage the different points of my list of resolutions.

In the preamble, I want to remind one thing: far from me the idea of ​​becoming a guru of personal development, I only share with you the things that work for me. Do the best you can, as long as you achieve your goals.


It’s the motivation that pushes us forward …

The motivation is everything that will allow you not to fully down and vegetate on your couch in pajamas of depression. Your motivation will be nourished by everything you read, write or see. It is also nourished by the people with whom you will spend time, hence the importance of choosing wisely his entourage. In your circle of friends you must be able to push one another up.

The first thing to do for me is to keep in view my list of resolutions. When I say “in sight”, I speak of seeing it concretely every day because “out of sight, out of mind”. You can write it in paper form to fix things. I chose this year to make a “Vision Board”. The principle is to put on a physical table images and texts summarizing your objectives. You will find on YouTube a plethora of DIY if you want to make one.

My “Vision Board” is in digital form and I put it in screen saver of my laptop to be able to see it every morning on waking.


… But motivation is nothing without discipline

club-des-cotonettes-resolution-vision-goal-board-discipline-objectifs_2Staying motivated is good, but still needs to be disciplined. This is the discipline that will concretely enable us to realize our objectives step by step.

Indeed, I noticed in my own life that I can read all the personal development books that I want, retweet / share on facebook all the quotes that make me grow sighs of approval to stay motivated, but if I do not do not force me to move, procrastination will take control, and we all know the rest …

I am the only actress of my discipline. Nobody will come to save me. The problem of discipline is that it does not please the lazy in us. It requires effort for a longer or shorter time before seeing satisfactory results. But we know it’s the consistency that pays. I’m not going to lie to you, it’s difficult at first, but the game is worth the effort.

3 points to establish a discipline:

Discipline begins in thought.

It’s about changing the way we see ourselves and see things. See the glass half full and be convinced that you can fill it a little more. The rest is only materialization of your thoughts. What can help when everything starts to tire us is to imagine to reap the laurels of our effort, to imagine all the positive emotions that we will have to hold the object of our desire in our hands.

Get up early to save time.

Believe me when I tell you that I like to sleep, but really. If I listened, I would scratch minutes of sleep until noon on Monday. The problem is that when I calculate between time spent at work, in transport and in bed, I do not have much time left to do everything I’m supposed to do in a 24-hour day. . So I have to find some time. I get up 1 hour earlier than usual. “I get up” meaning here that I get out of bed, yes it’s important to say that if I stay in bed, I’m screwed. During this hour, I will be able to do all that is possible to do without having to leave home: pray / meditate, read, fitness, have breakfast and set the mini-goals of the day.

Establish routines.

This involves choosing the activities you will do on a regular basis. For these activities, no excuse (even valid) is an option. The problem with excuses is that there will always be, and at the end of the day, the week, the month, and the year, nothing will have been done about our resolutions. For this year, one of my goals is to improve my photography. My routine is to go out and take pictures every Saturday, rain or shine. To eliminate any excuse related to the weather (yes I know myself), I will buy a good bag to protect my camera.

I’m coming to the end of this article which, I hope, will help you this year!

Good luck to all and Happy New Year 2018!


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