Review: The Remington Keratin Protect Series, Styling Devices at a Lower Cost

Some time ago I was preparing an article about straighteners (which I finally did not come out because I did not have in my possession some of the devices I wanted to talk to you about). In this file, I realized how much styling devices: hair dryer, hair straightener, irons to curl may prove to be expensive if we are looking at the quality of the products we want . I then wondered if there were styling products amounting to at least 180 degrees (the ideal temperature to smooth our frizzy hair) and that would be part of the budget of a student stock exchange. It is with great pleasure that I come here today to talk about the Keratin Protect range from Remington.

Remington a brand that we no longer presents

I do not need to present again Remington, present for years and on several fronts (styling devices, epilators, razors for women and for men), they offer their products since … as long as I can The group is exactly eighty years old.

The new range they offer today is a range consisting of three products: an iconic iron curler, a straightener and a heated brush. The peculiarity of these products? Being enriched with almond oil and analyzing the degree of hydration of the hair to provide the ideal temperature to produce a perfect smoothing. I jumped at the opportunity to test these products mainly because of their price. A flat iron at 79 euros and a styling brush at 59 euros? We will see what they are worth.

Keratin protect Straightener from Remington

revue keratin protect remington fer à lisser intelligent brosse lissante

Featuring proprietary sensor pro technology from Remington, this smoothing iron with ceramic plates enriched with sweet almond oil, analyzes the hydrataion level of the hair in order to adapt its temperature.

You can observe temperature notches thanks to the LEDs that come on when the iron is plugged in and you can manually increase it with the buttons.

I liked the fact that the iron is flat, it has a good grip, the cord is 360 degrees which avoids knots. I liked the fact that the temperature could go up to 230 degrees. I liked the nice protective kit in which you can put the iron even when the latter is still hot.

revue keratin protect remington fer à lisser intelligent brosse lissante

I did not like the fact that we do not really have control over the temperature, or the idea that it makes good by the technology behind … If ever the sensor is damaged? What does it mean for hair?

revue keratin protect remington fer à lisser intelligent brosse lissante

Nevertheless at this price, the straightener is an excellent product, good quality and in addition can perfectly smooth hair frizzy. I have tested on the moment that on extensions so I will come back with a complete edict when the weather will be more lenient (it has been raining in Paris for a month non stop).

You can buy the remington keratin protect straightener ICI at an excellent price.

Keratin Protectect hot Brush from Remington

revue keratin protect remington fer à lisser intelligent brosse lissante

It’s been a while since I see the heating brushes, both in my twitter news feed that instagram. Whenever I observed these … I never decided to buy one, wondering what would be the real contribution for me? So it’s the product that intrigued me the most.

The Remington Keratin Protective Brush has ceramic coated plates enriched with sweet almond oil. It goes up to 230 degrees.

I used the brush on my frizzy wet hair. Not wet CAUTION. I had my shampoo the day before and had slept with my hair in four big vanilla. The next day they were so wet (I’m not sure that this was a wise choice, but to test the effectiveness of the brush I was not going to first dry my hair dry hair, it would have done too much heat applied ).

revue keratin protect remington fer à lisser intelligent brosse lissante

I liked, saving time, this brush is quite effective and three or four portions (I made large portions see my video below), the hair was dry and stretched. The rendering is that of a dry blow to the hair; so hair stretched, but not smooth like chopsticks. So we keep all the volume that I love. She will probably be my ally this summer to make me fat beans.

I did not like the fact that there are only three notches of temperature: or 150, 190, 230. So we can not really adjust the temperature. As I told you before me I smooth them 180 degrees, not 150 or 190 so good ….. I also liked the fact that the brush is wide does not reach easily roots. But with a little ingenuity we finally arrive. I also do not like the fact that I can not disassemble the brush to clean the plates. On the Remington site it is not specified anywhere

Revue globale sur le Fer à lisser et la brosse chauffante de la gamme Keratin protect de Remington
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