Being and entrepreuneur, Create: Have you ever thought about opening your online store?

Hello Cotonettes,

once is not customary today I’m back with an article that does not speak of beauty or hairstyle. Today we are going to talk about online shop, internet shopping and why not create its platform.

You know I’m a little geek, I like touching and retouching a lot of things. AND since I blog my curiosity has no limit. I want to know how to do X or Y and I get information on everything.

I who in engineering school absolutely did not like coding, I ended up with the hands in the CSS files and in the HTML files of many sites. I myself set up several sites and platforms, The Club of Cotonettes, the site of The Natural Hair Factory, I contributed to that of Weyabeads. And by looking at it well I realize that it is essentially about online shops. Hence my article.

The importance of having an online presence

Many of you have a passion, want to share / sell your articles and sometimes for a lot what slows you down is the technical aspect. You do not know where to start and do not understand anything.

When you start, no matter the size of your business, it’s important to have an online presence. Whether it is a site showcase only that allows for example to have all the information about you: how to contact you, what you sell etc …. Or that it is a real E -shop where your customers can buy your products and see them ship.

There are many consumers like me who swear by online shopping. And for me a brand or product that I can not buy online frustrates me. I do not have time to go shopping, I do not have time to move in the physical shops because I work full time and on weekends shopping centers are stormed and I don do not like places too full. I still have my mobile on me and / or my tablet. With my unlimited package, believe me I spend a crazy time scroller on different eshops. And I think I’m not the only one with this buying behavior.

How to sell online?

It is a question of targeting its customers and defining its offer. My customers are the people who will buy my products, my offer being what I will offer for sale but not only, how will I interact with my clients, what will they receive exactly ….. Have an idea that’s good, refine your idea is even better.

What is / are my product / products?

Who would my product address?

How do I imagine my / my potential client?

What are the habits of the potential client I am targeting?

At what price will I sell my products?

How will I package my products?

How will I ship my products?

All these questions and more, you must ask them upstream and therefore define a Business Plan. IF you do not know much about it or are in doubt. Clarisse Libene is currently offering a great “E-commerce Killa” module on the Clevashool. You can register on their website to take courses that will help you to establish your business plans.

How to open an online store?

We touch the nerve of war, how to open an online store? Of course you can use creative agencies for a certain budget. Minimum 2000 euros charged for a site and the bill will rise higher more you will ask for features.

You can also call on my services, I will be happy to accompany you in your company. Do not hesitate to send me an email ( I propose different solutions to the people with whom I work. According to your knowledge and ability to maintain your website once it creates.

Among these solutions, the most “simple” version is to create an online store with the SHOPIFY platform. A platform that is really the GRAAL in terms of online store. Many services are offered and the proposed rates are actually lower. You can create your shop, use your own domain name and sell your products. You are assisted on the platform so no problem at this level. You can choose from many of the suggested themes to find out what your online site will look like.

Here are the girls, I hope you have wanted to start,

A very fast online I hope


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