Hairstyle- Let’s put some Funk in our hair

2018 I told you here announces the return of the fun hair. It’s time for me to start experimenting again with experimenting with my hair. So this week I chose this hairstyle, a Funky Frohawck as I called it that was inspired by Sophie Aida.

coiffure sur cheveuyx crépu mohawk frohawk
If you also want to put a little funk in your hair here we go.

What is needed to make this hairstyle?

Clean or dirty hair (mine was very dirty), no matter how long you are, as long as you can make three chignons. Indeed the advantage with this hairstyle is that we will use extensions so the hairstyle can be performed on all hair lengths.
You will need moisturizers, I chose here the leave in conditionner and the twist and define of the brand TGIN. And a spray bottle full of water.

coiffure sur cheveuyx crépu mohawk frohawk
To comb your hair, a tail comb, a detangling brush and a boar bristle brush.
To add all the funk possible to this hairstyle, it is necessary that the buns made are voluminous. To do so, we will use extensions. My choice fell on my clips-in from the Natural Hair Factory once again because these clips perfectly match the texture of my hair. The rendering is more natural.

How to make this funky frohawck on kinky natural hair?

The hairstyle is simple to realize, below the tutorial in video.

My tips? Do not forget that :
– if you do not know how to weave, you can make vanilla lying down. If you do not know how to vanish then simply flatten the hair with bobby pins.
– You can not / do not want to make a bun on the front? Maybe because the hairstyle is not suited to your face? So do a pompadour! And adapt the hairstyle according to your tastes.
Do not forget that the hairstyles that I propose are the one to inspire you. You can reproduce them as is, but you can and must adapt them to the shape of your face and according to your abilities to make braids or others. Nothing is fixed, let your imagination express itself.

Where to wear this funky frohawck?

This simple hairstyle has an effect on everyone. For a casual look you can wear it every day without adding anything.
For an evening look, add big earrings and you’re ready.
A look a little bohemian? Do not hesitate to stitch golden rings and accessorize to the maximum.

coiffure sur cheveuyx crépu mohawk frohawk
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, feel free to share it with your loved ones and to reproduce it. Mention me on social networks so that I can see your achievements.

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