HAIR – Adjusting your hair routine to winterCHEVEUX – Ajuster sa routine capillaire à l’hiver

ajuster sa routine capillaire à l'hiverThis year instead of winter we have a beautiful rainy season in Paris. Temperatures are low, very low and in addition it has been raining for weeks. What can affect tanyone’s minds. Nevertheless, this is not an excuse to letting go and forgetting that we must still protect our hair if we wish to have beautiful Afros to show off when the good weather is back.
If you also want to be able to kick when the sun is pointing the tip of his nose, I invite you to read below the few adjustments that must be made to his hair routine to spend this winter.

Think about adapting your hair products to the weather

I was talking to you some time ago about my favorite hair butters for the winter. I invite you to re-read this article, because hair butters are literally the saviors of our hair in winter.
When it’s cold, you do not want to get your hair wet, especially if like mine it’s hard to dry. So you have to moisturize your hair as much as possible during your weekly shampoo session. For this the LOC method that I already explained in detail here will be your best ally.

Think about cutting off the damaged ends of your hair

Generally, I take advantage of the winter period to cut me the tips. My hair will be mostly in protective hairstyle is the perfect time to give a boost to my lengths. And so to be able to note at the beginning of the summer the progress that I will have made. So my spikes must be nickel.
For this, it is also necessary to think about changing his pair of scissors. It must be in perfect condition, and serve only this task: cut his hair and nothing else.

Think about protecting your hair during the winter

Coats, hats, scarves, in addition to the cold temperatures and limestone that will be more present in the bathroom water, our frizzy hair is truly put to the test during the winter. So you have to think about protecting them and giving them a break.
The protective hairstyles I already told you about it are a must during this period.
But to pamper your hair, we must also think of satin accessories such as pillowcases available here; or the satin bands.
I hope that this little reminder will have done you good and that when the good weather returns you will have all the beautiful hair to exhibit.

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