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sometimes we have unsightly hair, I’ve already talked to you about feminine hairiness, or rather feminine hyperpilosity and how to take care of your face. Today I discovered electrolysis, another method and I will share with you. It deserves a complete article because I do not recommend it anymore (until the next technology comes to make me lie).

What is electrolysis and how does it work?

Electrolysis is a method of hair removal that allows to inject an electric current to the root of the hair, burn it and therefore remove it without difficulty. The method is longer than all other methods of hair removal, because we must remove the hair one by one. But it has the merit of being part of the definitive methods that I liked.

Why did I chose electrolysis ?

Basically electrolysis is a method that was invented for people who could not do laser. Either blond hair on white skin, or black hair on black skin.

I chose electrolysis because it was time for me to switch to a definitive hair removal formula. After practicing hair removal for a while, my old down was indeed a beard. Silky long hair certainly but I found particularly unsightly. In addition I did not stop to make reactions to epilations that left me spots and scars.

I did not want to test the laser on my face, much too fearful indelible stains that it could leave me. So I discovered this method of hair removal on the internet. But it was only when one of you showed me his results that I decided to take the plunge.

So I was eager to test by the month and soon after 10 months (one session per month) I almost got rid of these unsightly hair.

The method without being painful is not pleasant at all. You do not spend a moment at the beach believe me. Anesthetic / anti pain can help for the more cozy, I have never used for me.

When the session ends we have the area shaved, slightly swollen, each “pore” which has been released a bit will be a little swollen. By using its healing cream well, the blisters completely disappear after two to three days. AND you have a smooth, clean face, and no stains until the next regrowth.

It should be known that even electrolysis sessions practiced by a dermatologist are not reimbursed by the security.

Count 30 euros the session at the doctor I will give you the coordinates and 60 euros the 45 minutes at the Pyrene Institute.

Where to have an electrolysis session in Paris ?

When you search on google, several dermatologists offer electrolysis sessions, as well as several beauty centers. Whether done by one or the other does not really matter. However, I will favor the dermatologist because it will prescribe a painkiller for before the act if you are cozy, and a healing cream post act.

I invite you to read the detailed reviews of clients attend the institutes you have chosen before you start.

If you are lazy, here are the details of my doctor in the Paris suburbs.

Dr. Magana

1 Rue de l’arrivée at Enghiens Les Bains

Telephone line: +33 (0) 1 34 28 13 18

Be careful though, I explained to you in the video why I stopped going to her cabinet.

Here are the coordinates of the institute Pyrene that I now attend.

Pyrene Institute

2 rue Grefulhe in Paris

Telephone line: 01 42 68 08 10

I kiss you girls, take care of yourself


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