Woman fashion: over the knee boots for the petite

“When you’re * insert a body type characteristic * you should not wear this or that. ”
An injunction that I often hear and get me out of my nerves for a long time. To believe that to dress up is  just following the steps of a pre-established recipe such as baking. If it were that simple it would be known! Rather than continue to let that annoy  me , I made a point of deconstructing all these a priori. Never at the expense of my personality and within the limits of what my body allowed me.
The challenge of the day: over the knee boots. I must admit that from the height of my meter 2, it was risky. Not easy to wear, a heavy reputation, difficult to do more complicated. Yet just being small, solved one of the issue: exit the vulgar effect.
But then how to wear over the knee boots  when you’re petite without being ridiculous?

Height, again and again!

Those shoes rise above the knee, so the half cut silhouette effect is never far. Only high heels will break that look.

The enhancement by the good cut.

As for clothes, it’s about choosing the right cut. With a thigh a little thick and ankles thin, to avoid the falling effect, the choice of material is important. For those who have strong thighs like me, socks boots are for you.

The contrast for the choice of clothes.

Even if being petite counterbalance the vulgar effect , I always associate loose clothing of sportswear inspiration. What to bring nuances and structure.

Yes, you can wear almost anything as long as you assume it and associate it with the right clothes. Remember: pensez, appliquez, modez.

C. - Rédactrice Mode

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