Chistmas Eve with Friends

Don’t lie to each other, the cold wind has settled and Christmas garlands are everywhere in the streets. We’re going slowly but surely into the wagging atmosphere of the end-of-year celebrations with Christmas gift wrapping and checklists.

I remember my student years where I spent the holidays away from my family. Fortunately for me, I was always surrounded by my second family, the one I chose: my friends. Years later, I intend to continue the tradition and spend Christmas Eve with those who have accompanied me throughout the past year. For all members of the Lonesome-For-christmas-Eve, I have concocted a little anti-depressive guide.

Cook a Christmas meal without stress

For those who master the art of pot and spices, get ahead to prepare your menu and do your shopping as far in advance as possible. Each guest can also bring a dish for a spirit “à la bonne franquette”. For ideas of dishes that come out of your comfort zone, I recommend the website of Afro Cooking magazine. For your toasts, you can try “La Pause W” jams for delicious jams / cheeses.

For those who have neither the desire nor the opportunity to cook, there is always the option of having your meal delivered, the most important thing is to have fun and have a good time together.


Make a gift to yourself.

It is not completely ego-centered, you have the right to please yourself while keeping the head on the shoulders because January is a very long month (epidemic of “janviose”): a beautiful pair of shoes, the one you choose with great care (to help you, The little guide of shoe by C.), a small massage in a beauty salon, make-up, a pastry class, lingerie, be free, be creative!



Words that make you smile

You know the principle: we offer each other gifts on Christmas Eve. Try to survey your friends before buying your presents, to avoid the syndrome of the “Useless Gift” which will be quickly sold on Ebay on December 26th.

The little bonus I propose to you would be to offer also sweet words. It is important to tell each other how much we love each other, to remember the good times we have spent in the past year and to thank each other for the support received. It’s one of the things that solidifies a relationship, whatever it is.

For introvert people, it is possible to write all this on a card slipped discreetly in the gift. Feel free to visit Etsy to order some pretty cards.


Netflix, Music & Chill

For the atmosphere and activities of the evening, there are no rules, it’s as you feel. If you are believers, you can go to church or simply pray together before the meal. You can also plan a movie, a nice music playlist or games. If you have a elderly person in your neighborhood, you can also offer him/her a piece of cake and chit chat for a moment.


Good month of December!


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