These easy hairstyles in which you can spend a quiet Christmas

That’s it, I finally decided to do my Christmas dinner party. If I remain a fan of romantic dinner (and not recommended for less than 18 years) with “him”, I also like from time to time to have our loved ones by our side. And now that I think about my shopping list and how I want to treat the taste buds of my guests, I realize that as usual on Christmas Eve when I cook, I’ll have exactly ten minutes to make myself beautiful before the arrival of my guests. If you are in the same situation as me, here are some Tutos that I had already presented to you and that will do the job; so that you, like me, could look at our Christmas pictures in ten years and not tell us “oh noooon but how was I wearing my hair?”

The chic hairstyle but so fast to achieve

updo sur cheveux crépu pour les fetes de noel sur le club des cotonettes

If you have an old twist out, or old racy vanilla, you can bring them back to life in minutes by reproducing this hairstyle. The tutorial and all the explanations below


The chic and easy bohemian hairstyle

Your hair is not braided, nor twisted or anything and you do not see it at all to be presentable? I propose an updo that is the the simplest updo to realize it is my Bohemian hairstyle as I call it and no need for braiding nor twisting skills.

coiffure romantique sur cheveux crépus

Here you can see the tutorial;

The Stylishly flat twist

You want to have a braided hairstyle that is a little upscale? Maybe because you may not want to worry about how to sleep after the christmas eve or maybe beacause you want to do your hair in advance. Here is a nice little updo of vanilla.

tutoriel coiffure romatique pour la saint valentin cheveux crépus naturel

Here is how to achieve  this hairstyle



The stylish bun for when we really have five minutes

The guests are already in the living room, you only have a few minutes left before it is considered rude for you not to show up; Or you just do not want to have to deal with your hair; this little simple bun will make its effect.

grwm nawell madani speactacle chignon trench zara

The tutorial starting here at 8:05:

Here it is Girls, for all of you being in the rush, you have the prettiest little selection of simple hairstyles and really easy to reproduce. I wish you all the best for Christmas.


Mymou - Rédactrice Beauté

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