3 points to end the year.


We are in the last corner of 2017 and, between the Christmas turkey and the preparations for the New Year’s Eve, we are getting into the usual exercise of the accounts of the year. We are not going to derogate from it again this year because finishing the year properly helps to better start the next one.


Renew my list of resolutions.

There are many things that I could not check from my list of resolutions. I will simply renew them for the coming year, without any shame. To avoid making the same thing next year, I’m going to change my strategy to give me the means to succeed: I’m going to dissect each project into several smaller tasks that are easier to execute and assign them short deadlines.


Write all my achievements of the past year to have the energy to continue.


In private companies, the end of the year also rhymes with annual professional interviews. I apply the same principle in my personal life, noting all year long my successes, even the small ones. This list of success is also the list of all the great fears and small apprehensions that I was able to overcome. There is a feeling of indescribable pride when one can say “I made it!”


Take nothing for granted and realize that procrastination is not my friend.

One of the lessons learned this year is that my life can change overnight, a dear departing person, a job loss … In these cases, would I have regrets? Am I ready to bounce?
I know it sounds a little pessimistic but if it’s necessary to move my buttocks and finally realize everything that really matters to me, I take it!

On a personal level, this means sending a message or calling someone just when I think of someone. It’s about maintain a relationship through these small actions that we postpone too often until the next day to forget to do them.
On a professional level, I am going to update my resume and plan the training that I have to follow next year (even as an autodidact) to continue building my skills in my field of activity and in my passions.

I bought the book “3 years of memories” Youlie DESSINE.
Every day of the year, we answer a different question and we start the next two years. By re-reading, we see our evolution on this or that subject. I start the adventure from January 1st!


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