Woman fashion: how to find the right jeans?

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From as far back as I can remember, denim has always been the main component of my wardrobe. I am barely exagerating if I say that I do everything with my pair of jeans, from  evening dressed events to shopping expeditions: slims, boyfriends … depends on the mood.

During a long time i have thought that was the case for everyone until I look around me, starting to my closest friends. Every one of them has a special relationship with this piece of canvas. If K. is like me, a jean addict, wearing them in all circumstances, S. has totally changed and since her small weight gain can no longer find THE jeans; Mymou , have a  “I love you me either” relationship with her jeans. As far as Lydvina is concerned: it’s simple, she had simply given up.
Those examples lead me to ask myself some questions: how is it possible to face so much difficulties finding the right pair of jeans to the point of giving up? How do we proceed to find the right jeans ? I will not innovate if I talk about knowing our own silhouette and yet … It is also true that in most of the stores, when you have shape  it’s quite mission impossible.   However, it is more and more possible to find THE ONE, Starting from the rule number1: self knowledge. Depending on whether one is thin, in shape, whether one has narrow or a more developed hips, the shape of the jeans that fits will also different. Yes, the slim is not the only form of jeans, it doesn’t suit to everyone.

I asked each of the girls except Lydvina (whom I had decided to surprise with the good jeans) to come dressed in the jeans in which she really feels good. I can tell you I couldn’t have done better.

Petite and curvy: the Boyfriend shape is for you.

If like Lydvina you are small and have voluptuous shapes, the boyfriend will be your best ally. It highlights your silhouette, while leaving you a total freedom of movement. For this look, I chose to combine it with an ultra feminine blouse in a fluid material. A perfect way to create a contrast. Result: a modern and timeless silhouette.


If like S. you are, a little taller with voluptuous shapes, the boyfriend remains the best alternative. In fact, this cut caresses your silhouette without showing all those little things you don’t want to show, where the slim will do the exact opposite.


Thin silhouette : flare, slim, boyfriend… dare everything.

Whether you’re tall like K. or petite like me, if you’re pretty thin, you can easily wear everything.
I chose jeans with a flare cut (from the top of the thigh), which combined with very high heels lengthens the silhouette (everything is good when you’re small 😉). A shape kind of difficult to wear when you’re in shape. For this jeans I chose a fluid cotton t-shirt for an androgynous silhouette.


K. chose a slim shape, which she paired with a men’s shirt to balance the silhouette. A classic and timeless look.


Thick and voluptuous shapes? Straight classic jeans or bootcut first.

Mymou chose a straight jean, a reissue of the famous 501 Levi’s from the curve collection. That collection promising to have the particularity of marrying the contours of forms without tightening or yawning. A promise held by the brand that made them Mymou’s faves. You know the one you buy in two pieces each time to never lack one, tired of searching for too long.


Finding the right jeans, as often in fashion, depends on self-awareness. The fashionable cut will not necessarily be the greatest one for you. So your turn now and remember: pensez, appliquez, modez.





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