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Comment adapter sa garde-robe aux changements de poids.

(Français) Mode femme: comment adapter sa garde-robe aux changements de notre corps?

« I already said it here a few years ago, C. taught me how to love myself. Mymou and K. participated a lot in this self acceptance journey. Then I lost weight, even melted must i say to the point I became skinny again. A few months after returning to Cameroon I started doing yoyo again. If only I had been content to take pounds, I also changed morphology. Farewell the X-shaped figure that I could dress as I want. I’m an 8 now and it’s not comfortable everyday.

I took some pounds and how to say without my girlfriends it’s a little complicated. Mymou is a lazy sportswoman so she always has the thing to stay in shape / lose a few pounds without too much trouble. K. sees only my qualities so in front of the mirror every morning I imagine him tell me that my little butt out to forget my belly that was flat. And it takes that. Because otherwise we are quickly undermined by the unpleasant remarks of colleagues, family, strangers. Yes, in Douala even strangers have something to say about your little can. Cameroonian women, for the most part, have beautiful curves, but because one was seen without these forms one day, one is judged guilty. So we hide under flowing tops, loose dresses and other outfits without any form ».


Our body changes over the course of life and weight fluctuations are very difficult to manage. In addition to working on oneself, one must look beyond the eyes of others and learn to live with this new body, to love it. A step difficult enough as said S. In case of significant weight gain or loss, the wardrobe far from being an enemy, must be an ally of weight in the process of self-acceptance. How?

Accept change and make the most of it

Whether it is the case of weight gain like S. or the opposite, the most important thing is to become aware of the changes. If you have won one or two sizes for example, even if the difference is not very visible, wearing your old clothes ready for the body will only have the effect of making you feel cramped, giving you the impression of have taken or lost more weight than actually

In both cases, you need to focus on the positives and value them. The finer size? to you the pieces that showcase tops, wrap dresses and other pencil skirt. An extra breast cup? to you the pretty necklines. You see? Everything is a question of perspective first.

So we put aside all the clothes that betray too much the change to make the transition.

We rebuild slowly

There is no point in running the shops at every weight fluctuation, you will end up exhausted or disgusted. Indeed, no need to undertake shopping as your body is doing yoyo if that is the case. Only when you have arrived at a stable situation, you will go shopping, always starting with the basics.

In case the change is really significant and nothing else suits you, you can not delay the big shopping session. Go to the onslaught of stores but gently. We begin by providing the basics of a functional wardrobe: a new pair of jeans, new pants, basic T-shirts / sweaters depending on the season, a jacket … in short, what you wear on a daily basis. Formless clothing is avoided to hide, there is nothing better to attract attention and worse for morale.

Determining the shape of your new silhouette is vital and indispensable. Indeed, if your silhouette is totally different and you continue to buy cuts that you previously, it will be very difficult for you to be to your advantage. Each silhouette has its advantages, it is here to find, sublimate and celebrate.

Remember: the sizes on the clothes do not mean anything more: they fluctuate from one store to another so no need to be formalized on the size written on the label. The most important thing is to find the size that allows you to be at ease. To accept oneself is also not to feel narrow in everything you wear.

Smile you are beautiful and do not forget

C. - Rédactrice Mode

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