Woman fashion: the black dress

A first date? a meeting? What am I gonna wear ?? -Put on a black dress. You can do no wrong.

Who has not heard those words? Who have never said them? I think we are all concerned. The black dress is set in our mind as a must have. A bit like a friend (the most faithful) you turn to each important moment of your life. A delicate envelope that surrounds you with her protective arms to reveal you in the most advantageous way (pardon my digression). As Karl Lagerfeld puts it so well

“it’s the basis of the style […] you’re never too much or not enough dressed with a black dress“.

How the black dress became a must-have?

If for many, it was created by Gabrielle Chanel, several creators are dependent on its creation; but it is her who brings it to the light by putting it at the heart of her collections. Many women, because of the war, were mourning and dressed in black on a daily basis. There where a lack of modernity according to the designer who draws a collection of which a model will appear in the October 1926 Vogue. The “Ford of Chanel” as designated by the magazine will make a great noise as much by the color (reserved for domestic and widows), by the length (knee, short for the time) and the material (jersey, less noble material but easy to find). The black dress became synonymous of refinement and elegance. many famous creators participate in the creation of this legend; Givenchy dressed Audrey Hepburn in the mythical Diamant sur canapé . Yves Saint Laurent creates some for his muse of the time Catherine Deneuve. Azzedine Alaïa will make it the central element of his collections. Over time, ready-to-wear brands have tried and democratized it so much that we went from “the bourgeois-style uniform in the 1940s”, as André Leon Talley pointed out to an essential piece that dresses us in all circumstances. Hence the importance of choosing it well.

how to choose and wear your black dress?

The multiplication of models, forms and materials make it easy to find, at all prices, the model that will sublimate each silhouette. Depending on the accessories, your black dress can be transformed just like us and reflect our various moods (sexy, trendy, professional …). Personally, I never get bored when it comes to black dress as the possibilities seems infinite. Take the time, try on several models. Do not forget the proportions, the details. The simpler it is, the more versatile it will be.

I leave you with a picture of K; and S. dressed for a birthday last year. If the model worn by S. will be more for the evening, the style worn by K. may for example with a white shirt underneath or blazer, and a pair of tights turn into a daytime look .

It is now your turn remember: pensez, appliquez, modez! 

C. - Rédactrice Mode

Je suis pétrie d'art et de mode depuis plus de 10 ans maintenant ! J'estime que la mode est bien plus que ce qu'elle peut paraître. J'en fais un outil d'acceptation de soi au travers des looks et relookings que je propose sur Le Club des Cotonettes ! Aider les autres à se révéler à travers leur style ? Mon but ultime.


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