(Français) C aux manettes: Fashion chaos

New year eve !!!!!! The night everything can happen.

As far back as I can remember, this night has always represented freedom. You know that “Ah yes anyway !!!!” mood. In my opinion, that night we dare everything. All that we usually don’t allow ourself to do: fear of being watched, scrutinized, judged …

So what’s better than “Fashion chaos” as theme for the new year eve to release our creative genius and let out inner us  speak out.

Fashion chaos: a special new year eve theme.

The quote “In all chaos there is a cosmos, in any disorder a secret order” of Carl Jung wonderfully sums up the idea I had of this theme, I was eager to send it to all guests. If the answers filled with questions and doubts didn’t really surprise me, the astonishment of Mymou, has convinced me to look for more material to clarify my thoughts. So i went for hours in the internet with S. (that the word “mess” was enough to excite), searching of all kinds of inspirations (photos, quotes, colors. ..). With all those informations, I was able to illustrate the idea I had of these two little words which, I must admit, had already caused panic among many of my friends:  FASHION CHAOS. Finally it happens to be a mix of pieces coming from diferents universes and different styles so the result will be the reflection of the personality of everyone. Originality.

How do you create a fashion chaos outfit?

Despite our efforts, few hours before the party, there were still concerns. Our friend M., for example, still haven’t get “our theme” (real cowards these friends, who dissociate when things get real.). S.  released an unexpected answer, which makes me laugh first, « you dress well ok? and then you put something that ruins everything ». Guess what? the explanation must have been the right one, because he was in the theme and in a nice way. If I only knew, I would have defined it like that earlier,  mighty S.

The evening was a total success. I keep and cherish the images of all my relatives who, the time of the evening have left out all the doubts to respect this theme straight out of my twisted brain (you’ll have plenty of time to you realize it believe me !!!).

I leave you with photos of S. I dressed for the evening. Our urban Black Swan, wears a Pimkie tutu dress, a Pull & Bear Teddy-style jacket and adidas Limited Edition Stan Smith sneakers from Foot Locker, a Swatch watch and Vintage jewelry. The articles are a priori still available in stores. A big thank you to Nuby for this beauty of thunder that you can find here https://www.youtube.com/user/joycechannel

In your turn, think, apply, moderate !!!!


C. - Rédactrice Mode

Je suis pétrie d'art et de mode depuis plus de 10 ans maintenant ! J'estime que la mode est bien plus que ce qu'elle peut paraître. J'en fais un outil d'acceptation de soi au travers des looks et relookings que je propose sur Le Club des Cotonettes ! Aider les autres à se révéler à travers leur style ? Mon but ultime.


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