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Fashion: The success of customization

Customization, customization … services formerly reserved for luxury homes that are becoming more popular and invading all sectors of fashion. Indeed, in the era where the majority seeks to assert its singularity while following the trends, when the consumer society is at its peak, what better than personalization to mark its difference? For a long time reserved for leather goods, now jewels, clothes, shoes everything goes, limits no longer exist

Personalization as a sales accelerator.

Personalization is a service offered since the 19th century. Indeed, we find hot stamping in the history of Louis Vuitton since 1860.


Today most brands, prestigious or not, including those that are not specialized in leather goods offer this service. I was talking about a few weeks ago here of personalization on perfume case at Les ateliers Cologne.

If the practice is democratized, the houses have not said their last word and compete with imagination.

The clothing brands are not rest. “Notify’s Denim Workshop” is a great success; It’s about live customizer, just after buying his denim to go out with a unique piece.


This summer, the Bon Marché offered a shoe workshop where it was possible to customize his shoes.
To keep the customer loyal, to give him the impression that he is unique, while changing nothing to the conditions of manufacture. Blessed bread for brands.

Personalization: a real social phenomenon.

Others go further by offering the customer, for a fee, the opportunity to participate in the manufacturing process, choosing the colors of each element that will make up his future acquisition. Some sports brands in particular offer for their classic models A real success in a context where the label “handmade” is more valued than ever.

Brands, luxury homes in mind, are increasingly using artisans to bring their know-how to the knowledge of their customers. To be young, in tune with the times and listen to the needs of his client are the key words. What’s better than the presence of a craftsman to arouse the craze time for one-off events, or so through longer collaboration?

These artists are numerous and their proposals are diverse and varied. From the addition of crystals, to the application of another material according to your tastes. More personalized services such as customization on a theme of the customer’s choice are more and more popular.




The success of the customization offered by a luxury house, a more popular brand or a craftsman meets the narcissistic desire. Are not we all a little? Customize and remember: think, apply, moderate.

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